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Company Profile

Transform your manufacturing with the power of process control

Renishaw a world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw supplies products for applications as diverse as metrology, raman spectroscopy, motion control, machine tool automation, calibration, co-ordinate measurement, gauging, fixtures, CAD/CAM dentistry, additive manufacturing, stereotactic neurosurgery and molecular diagnostics.

Product Categories of Renishaw Inc.

  • Additive Production Equipment
  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Calibration Software
  • Comparators, Optical & Other
  • Digitizing/Scanning Systems
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Fixturing Systems
  • Flatness Measuring Equipment
  • Flaw Detection Equipment
  • Gages, Electronic/Digital
  • Grinding Machines, Surface, Rotary Table
  • Interferometers
  • Laser Accessories & Supplies
  • Laser Measurement Systems
  • Laser/Electron Beam Melting Equipment
  • Linear Scales
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • On-Machine Probes
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Quality & Measurement Services
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Tool Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Tool Presetting Equipment

Trade Names

  • AxiSet
  • Equator the versatile gauge
  • PH20 5-axis touch trigger system
  • Renscan5
  • Revo
  • RoLin
  • SiGNUM
  • TONiC


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Miniature Optical Encoder Promotes Signal Stability
With a read-head as small as 6.7 × 12.7 × 20.5 mm, Renishaw’s Atom non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system uses filtering optics with auto gain control (AGC) and auto offset control (AOC) for high signal stability and dirt immunity.

Machine Tool Scanning System
Designed to provide process control opportunities for high-value CNC machine tools, this system incorporates a new generation of on-machine analog scanning technology to allow fast and accurate form and profile data capture from both prismatic and complex 3D components.

Monitoring Software for Comparative Gaging System
Renishaw’s Equator comparative gaging system includes its new Organizer process monitoring software.

Renishaw's Chairman Receives Business Excellence Award
Sir David McMurtry, Renishaw's chairman and chief executive, received The Daily Telegraph Award for a Decade of Excellence in Business at the 2013 UK National Business Awards, held on November 12.

Programmable Gages Help Create Automation Cell
Conroe Machine (Conroe, Texas) is doing what most machine shops only dream of: hard turning a family of parts around the clock in an unmanned cell that operates a “self-controlled” process.

Probe Enables Surface-Finish Measurement on CMMs
Renishaw’s SFP1 probe option for the Revo five-axis measurement system integrates surface-finish inspection within coordinate measurement routines.

Probe Enables Surface-Finish Measurement on CMMs
Renishaw’s SFP1 probe option for the Revo five-axis measurement system integrates surface-finish inspection within coordinate measurement routines.

Contact Scanning System Facilitates Automated Process Control
Renishaw’s Sprint high speed analogue contact scanning system for CNC machine tools is designed to facilitate automated process control without the need for operator intervention.

Calibrating the Rotary Axis
Renishaw's wireless XR20-W and new off-axis rotary software work with laser interferometers to test the accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, mill-turn machines, trunnion tables and spindles.

Equator Gaging System Adds Flexibility for Tall, Fixtured and Automatically Loaded Parts
Renishaw extends the product line, and the height, of its Equator gaging system with the 300 Extended Height comparative gage.

Renishaw Receives 15th Queen’s Award
Renishaw received its 15th Queen's Award for Enterprise at an evening reception at Buckingham Palace.

Multiple Tool Setting and Inspection Probing
A fine line often exists in the decision of when to invest in additional capital equipment and/or personnel to handle overloaded machines or a backlog of customer requests.

Renishaw Makes Long-Term Commitment to Canadian Industry
Renishaw held its grand opening of its newly acquired and fully renovated Mississauga, Ontario, facility on July 12.

Lathe Inspection Touch Probes Available with Radio or Optical Signal Transmission
Renishaw's RLP40 and OLP40 lathe inspection probes offer a choice of radio or optical signal transmission technologies to make part setup and inspection on turning centers accurate and reliable.

New Sales Engineer for Southwest Region
Renishaw announces the appointment of Sheila Schermerhorn as regional sales manager for the southwest region, covering Texas and Louisiana.

Shop Gains Process Control with Automation
Eliminating variability from the manufacturing flow is a goal for most shops. Automation can allow reallocation of resources to accomplish this.

Keeping Watch on Small Parts
From watch parts to exotic medical applications, this shop takes on the world of micromachining.

UK's Mid-Cap Business of the Year
Renishaw was honored with the Grant Thornton Mid-Cap Business of the Year award for FTSE-listed businesses at the UK’s National Business Awards, held November 8 in London.

Gage Combines Production, Programmable Measurement
The Equator gaging system from Renishaw is designed to minimize purchase, maintenance and fixture costs. It can be programmed for multiple parts and reprogrammed in minutes for design changes.

Renishaw’s Chairman Elected Fellow of the Royal Society
Sir David McMurtry, chairman and chief executive of Renishaw plc, has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society, the U.K.’s national academy of science.