Zone: Bar Feeders & Material Handling

OVERVIEW: Bar feeders are perhaps the most common material handling accessories found in metalworking shops. Generally applied to turning machines, they can also be applied to VMCs allowing the machining centers to overcome the production limits of table size. Whether used in turning or machining, the bar feeder is designed to deliver a continuous supply of machining stock to the machine tool. The raw stock can be round, square, hex or extruded. Magazine attachments increase the capacity of the bar feeder for unattended or lightly attended operation. Other material handling devices include internal or external loading and unloading of the machine tool. Robots, gantry loading and unloading material handling devices are included in this class of technology. Likewise, conveyors, bowl feeders and other types of material handling equipment allow cut-to-length blanks, castings and forgings to be loaded and unloaded at the machine tool.

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