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Pallet-Transfer Multi-Spindle Machining Center Defies Classification

Increasingly, new machine tools are being developed that defy existing classification code by virtue of their multi-tasking capabilities.

Getting To Know Grob

With some familiar names in the machine tool building business fading away recently through mergers, acquisitions, or shutdowns, it may be interesting to learn of an unfamiliar or little known machine tool builder.

Style And Substance

At the Simodec show in France, Wirth & Gruffat (Argonay, France) introduced a new machine called Transturn TT-312. It is designed to combine the advantages of multi-spindle screw machines and rotary transfer technology. The company calls it a ma...

Trunnion Machines In Transition

CNC may bring trunnion systems to a generation of contract manufacturers unfamiliar with this type of machine.

New Twist On Rotary Transfer Machines

Rotary transfer machines are productive high volume producers of a wide variety of workpieces. While traditional rotary transfer machines are very capable of volume production of complex workpieces, they tend to be more dedicated with regard to job ...

Why Using The Latest Technology Simply Isn't Enough

Suppliers to the automotive industry know they've got to be competitive, have consistent, repeatable quality and deliver on time, every time. Often having the latest technology is a crucial competitive advantage. But sometimes having and using the l...

Doing More With More

From its founding 50 years ago, this Portland, Oregon, screw machine job shop has held fast to a philosophy of diversification. The theme carries across its equipment selections, processing decisions, personnel selection and customer base. It's an i...

Why Not Change What You're Doing?

This Canadian screw machine shop built early success with automatic and mechanical multispindles. Introduction of rotary transfer technology has accelerated growth and helped solve other production problems. Here's why they made the move and how it ...

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