CAM for Die/Mold

CAM software for die/mold machining has to respond to the complex 3D milled geometries typical of die and mold tooling. In addition to milling the shape correctly, the CAM software also has to pick a pattern of tool paths that can achieve the required surface finish. These tool paths are far too numerous and too mathematically complex to be written by a programmer, so CAM software is essential for generating them automatically. The programmer ensures that the underlying CAD model is correct and complete, then chooses basic parameters such as cutting tools and the preferred patterns and parameters of machining, to let the CAM software author the program. The CAM software also is likely to account for such important die/mold machining practices as high speed machining, most likely doing this by adapting the direction changes in the tool paths so that the tool does not see any sharp turns but instead changes direction gradually. This minimizes impacts to the tool, workpiece or machine while the tool feeds rapidly and efficiently across the part.
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The Growing Power Of 3D

Some recent events have opened what I consider for me a new dimension in manufacturing. At  Delcam's recent Technical Summit at Methods Machine Tools in Sudbury, Massachusetts, I got an in-depth look at the company’s extensive range of CAD/CAM solutions. While I've long enjoyed seeing new developments in such pr


Still Going Strong

This year, CNC Software Inc. is celebrating Mastercam's 30th anniversary. It's been quite a journey for this progressive company.
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Intelligent Machining Automation

With VX Intelligent Machining Automation, users establish their own rules for machining a part, and once the tool paths are developed and saved for a part, the automation system can use these tool paths and rules as a knowledge base for automating development of machining for a variety of other parts. This reduces the time required for programming new parts from a matter of days to a matter of minutes.

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Five-Axis Module

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