Zone: Cutting Tools

OVERVIEW: The broad category of “cutting tools” includes all of the consumable tooling involved in milling, drilling, turning and other lathe and machining center operations. Drills, end mills, taps, reamers and inserts are all included here. Consumable tooling used on certain other types of machine tools is included here as well. Also found here are toolholders and closely related accessories such as angle heads.

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Deep Hole Drilling

Tools and Technologies for Deep Hole Drilling

Understanding the challenges and knowing how to select and apply the appropriate tools will help a shop profit from this difficult operation....MORE

Calculating Surface Footage and RPM for Optimum Tool Life

Tech Brief...MORE


Artistry with Skive Tools

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “All limitations are self-imposed.” This statement often holds true as machinists apply their creativity in skiving applications....MORE

When Thread Milling Makes Sense

Threading a workpiece is a fundamental metalworking process that every manufacturing engineer takes for granted....MORE

Carr Lane Catalog Features Items for Fast Fixturing

This year’s edition is some 700 pages long. ...MORE

BXA20 Coated CBN Grade for Hardened Steel

This CBN grade exhibits excellent wear and fracture resistance in a low to medium cutting speed range, with enhanced tool life in continuous, as well as interrupted, cuts. ...MORE

Carmex Tiny Tools Cutting Tool

Through-Coolant Cutting Tool Improves Chip Evacuation

Carmex Precision Tools expands its Tiny Tools line with the CBR, featuring a chip breaker for improved chip evacuation in boring and profiling operations. ...MORE

Shefcut Non-Adjustable Reamers Produce Bores with Fine Finishes

These reamers are for applications where the bore tolerance is ± 0.0005” (0.0127 mm) or more. ...MORE

Self-Locking Taps Eliminate Assembly Procedures

The self-locking tap design eliminates time intensive disassembly and assembly procedures and costly fasteners, chemical bonds, nylon plugs or other devices to maintain tightness. ...MORE