Zone: Deburring

OVERVIEW: Deburring is perhaps the most critical post-machining operation for ensuring the functionality of the machined part, as well as the safe handling of the part. Deburring has traditionally been a manual task, but various technologies exist for reliably automating deburring.

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Electrochemical Machining for Medical, Aerospace and More

Workpieces with complex contours often feature sections that are not easy to machine because they are difficult to access....MORE

Abtex custom rotary indexing system

Rotary Indexing System Cleans and Deburrs

Abtex’s custom rotary indexing systems are designed for high-volume finishing such as deburring of multiple surfaces and cleaning gears in flexible machining system environments. ...MORE

Abtex Hex Drive abrasive filament tools

Abrasive Filament Tools Enable Turning in Both Directions

Abtex’s Hex Drive abrasive filament tools are designed for use in semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery, including CNC and in-machine deburring stations, as well as robotic machine tools. ...MORE

Automated Deburring Accelerates Vise Production

Using new Flex-Hone abrasive technology from Brush Research Manufacturing, Orange Vise Co. was able to automate deburring and surface finishing in a single operation. ...MORE

Abtex U Series deburring system

Deburring System Improves Productivity

Abtex Corporation offers a two-head, high-productivity U Series system as part of its Tri-Ten line of deburring systems. ...MORE

Weiler Burr-RX deburring tools

Brush Deburring Tools Increase Throughput

Weiler’s Burr-RX specialty brush deburring tools feature advanced ceramic-grain filament technology. ...MORE

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