Lean Manufacturing

  The principles of lean apply to CNC machining. Here are tips from authorities on lean, as well as the stories of machining facilities that have made a lean transformation.  
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Inventory Storage, Distribution and Control Systems Boost Lean Mrf. Efforts

Computerized, point-of-use storage and dispensing systems help this shop target waste that is difficult to measure and often labor-intensive to eliminate.

Tech Brief

Self-Directed Work Teams Offer Better Efficiency

While working as a team, everyone brings their own “specialty” or unique skill set to the table to create one strong, intelligent force. With self-directed work teams, each team of workers is given full responsibility for their work orders—scheduling them and making sure they have the necessary materials to complete the job.
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A Robotic (R)evolution

This shop’s evolving approach to automation has led it to streamline processes, challenge preconceived notions about robotics and embrace the notion that a manufacturing sequence is greater than the sum of its parts.

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