Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

The multi-spindle screw machine is turning machine that allows multiple tools to cut multiple pieces of material simultaneously. Like a Gatling gun, the multiple spindles are carried in a precision machined drum that typically rotates in a horizontal orientation. The total number of operations needed to complete a part are divided among the number of spindles, so that a part is completed with one full rotation of the drum. However, because multiple parts are being machined simultaneously, a part is completed each time the drum indexes, making for a very efficient process. Usually configured in 4, 5, 6 or 8 spindle models, each spindle is attacked by a cross-slide and end-slide tool effectively making each spindle a 2-axis lathe. 

A Collaborative Approach to Custom Machine Design

Conventional wisdom says multi-spindles equal high volume. That’s not necessarily true, as this U.K. project demonstrates.

Making Complex Parts Profitably

In a highly competitive global market, finding ways to manufacture domestically and profitably is an ongoing challenge. This Massachusetts shop has found a way using CNC multi-spindles.
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Multi-Spindle Machine with Custom Backworking Slides

This is a full CNC-capable, six-spindle lathe equipped with six independent CNC cross and end slides with the availability to add an additional four full CNC compound slides.

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