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Index MS16 Plus lathe

Six-Spindle Turning Center Provides 27 NC Axes

Index’s MS16 Plus lathe accommodates parts as large as 22 mm in diameter and is capable of turning, drilling, milling, tapping, deep-hole drilling or slotting in each of its six CNC spindles. ...MORE

Swiss-Type Lathe for Small Workpieces

The Yama Seiki Swiss-type lathe is especially useful for workpieces smaller than 42 mm (1.65"). The SW series is available with a sub-spindle, live tooling and a bar feeder. ...MORE

Making Complex Parts Profitably

In a highly competitive global market, finding ways to manufacture domestically and profitably is an ongoing challenge. This Massachusetts shop has found a way using CNC multi-spindles. ...MORE


A Youthful Approach to Production Machining

Growing up in the industry helped this young shop owner learn key strategies for getting the most from his machines. ...MORE

Swiss-type machining challenges

Getting Ramped up on Swiss-Types

Swiss-type lathes present unique challenges to operators who aren’t familiar with them. Here are a few. ...MORE

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