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Tsugami S206-II Swiss-type lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Adds Laser Cutting Capability

Rem Sales offers the Tsugami S206-II Swiss-type lathe with IMG 400LS laser cutting system. ...MORE

Large Threading with Single Spindle

Oilfield pipes require large, quality threads. This Texas shop is getting the performance it needs from two recently implemented big bore lathes. ...MORE

Swiss-Type with Laser Cutting Capability

New capability for Swiss machines uses a laser. ...MORE

Hybrid Multi-Spindle: Look Ma, No Cams

As the volume production market migrates from mechanical multi-spindle machines, builders are creating machine tool technology tiers that apply the correct level of cost and capability to the application. ...MORE

A Swiss-Type with a Laser

An integral laser cutter adds yet another capability to the multifunction Swiss-type lathe platform. ...MORE

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