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DMG MORI Sprint 32-8 Automatic Lathe

Automatic Lathe Enables Machining of Short, Long Components

DMG MORI presents the Sprint 32-8 automatic lathe equipped with a SwissTypeKit, enabling machining of both short and long components. ...MORE

Tecnara Super Ario

Workpiece Accumulator Enables Unattended Operation

Tecnara’s Super Ario is a compact and portable automatic parts accumulator for Swiss machines and small CNC lathes. ...MORE

Tsugami/Rem Sales SS207-5AX LaserSwiss CNC Lathe

Seven-Axis Lathe Combines Swiss-Type CNC Machining with Laser Cutting

Tsugami/Rem Sales introduces the SS207-5AX LaserSwiss, a 20-mm, seven-axis Swiss-type CNC lathe with B-axis control. ...MORE

Star CNC SR-38 Type B

10-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe Performs Complex Machining Efficiently

Star CNC, a division of Star Micronics Co. Ltd., will introduce the SR-38 Type B, a 10-axis Swiss-type automatic lathe for complex machining operations. ...MORE

10-Axis Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Handles Barstock Up to 1.5” Diameter

Rigid machine construction is designed to handle barstock up to 1.500” in diameter. ...MORE

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