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L20 Type XII Swiss-type Lathe.

Swiss-Type Lathe Offers B Axis and Removable Guide Bushing

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom will introduce its L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe featuring B-axis controllable rotary tools. ...MORE

Ibag Micro Line

High-Speed Spindles Offer Micro Collet System

Ibag North America will exhibit its compact Micro Line high-speed spindles for Swiss turning machines, with spindle diameter sizes ranging from 16 to 33 mm and speeds ranging to 120,000 rpm. ...MORE

Advantages of a B-Axis Swiss-Type

Learn how a Northeastern shop leverages a Swiss-type lathe with a B-axis milling spindle to produce small batches of complex parts. ...MORE

Nexturn SA32XII Swiss-type lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Features B-axis Action

The Nexturn SA32XII Swiss-type lathe from Absolute Machine Tools features a 32-mm bar diameter capacity on the main and subspindle, and is available with or without a rotary synchronous guide bushing. ...MORE

Swiss for Short

A Swiss-type lathe with a B-axis milling spindle and significant tooling capacity enables this shop to be more effective at complex, short-run work—work the shop otherwise might not even bid on. ...MORE

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