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Medical/Dental Components

Process Control in the Medical Shop

For this shop, successful delivery of medical and dental components is about proper process and machine tools that can handle the job. ...MORE

parts produced by Slabe

A Swiss-Type Turning Point

The lessons this shop learned after purchasing its first Swiss-type turning center nearly two decades ago are now being applied to larger multi-spindle and multi-turret lathes for bigger and more complex parts. ...MORE

Work Environment

Teaming Up in the Swiss Shop

This company capitalizes on employee empowerment and creativity to strengthen the work environment, improve production numbers and exceed customer expectations. ...MORE

Yama Seiki Goodway GTW

Multi-Axis Turning Center Machines Front and Back Efficiently

Yama Seiki offers Goodway’s GTW series multi-axis turning centers for the medical and automotive industries, capable of efficiently completing complex workpieces front and back. ...MORE

Index MS16 Plus lathe

Six-Spindle Turning Center Provides 27 NC Axes

Index’s MS16 Plus lathe accommodates parts as large as 22 mm in diameter and is capable of turning, drilling, milling, tapping, deep-hole drilling or slotting in each of its six CNC spindles. ...MORE

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