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Tsugami’s Laser Cutting System Includes Six-Axis Swiss Machining

The Tsugami S206-II with IMG 400LS laser cutting system, also called the Tsugami LaserSwiss, combines six-axis Swiss machining with laser cutting on one machine, allowing manufacturers to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting operations with one setup. ...MORE

Shop Combines Automated Grinding and Swiss Turning

Many shops are increasing the scope of their machining capabilities. This Ohio shop has added cylindrical grinding to its 24-hour Swiss-type operations. ...MORE

a Swiss-type's sliding headstock design

New to Swiss-Type Turning

What are some nuances to training a person to effectively operate a Swiss-type lathe? This shop offers some suggestions. ...MORE

IBAG Micro LIne high-speed spindle

Compact, High-Speed Spindles Enable Ultra-Small Drilling

IBAG North America offers its Micro Line compact, high-speed spindles for Swiss-type turning machines. ...MORE

Product Slideshow: Turning

Product Slideshow: Turning

Lathes and turning machines designed for flexibility are highlighted in this month’s product spotlight. ...MORE

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