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Marubeni Citizen-Cincom L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Adds B Axis

The L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe from Marubeni Citizen-Cincom features B-axis controllable rotary tools for simultaneous complex machining. ...MORE

Nexturn’s P series SA 38PY Swiss-type lathe (available from Absolute Machine Tools) offers eight axes and 38-mm front and rear bar capacity. The lathe’s guide bushing can be removed to enable the use of less-expensive cold-drawn barstock and minimize the size of bar remnants left after machining.

April 2014 Product Spotlight: Turning

Click through this month’s product slideshow featuring lathes and turning centers. ...MORE

Absolute Nexturn S model Swiss-turn lathe

Swiss-Type Lathes Offer Guide Bushing Options

Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Nexturn S-model range of Swiss-type lathes include “e” and “P” series, each consisting of four models capable of handling 20-, 26-, 32- or 36-mm barstock. ...MORE

L20XII Swiss-Type Lathe Offers B Axis and Removable Guide Bushing

The L20 Type XII, part of Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s L Series Innovation lineup, contains B-axis controllable rotary tools. ...MORE


Shop Opts for Choice in Swiss Machines

Precision CNC (Lancaster, Ohio) is a traditional machine shop that has moved into Swiss machining. From the beginning of its Swiss operation, it has used “combination” machines in its stable of Swiss-types, which offer machining capability with or without a guide bushing. Here’s how and why it uses them. ...MORE

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