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OVERVIEW: The historic advantage of single spindle automatic lathes is high volume production. These machines are able to bring several tools into the cutting zone simultaneously. The advantage of this processing technique is reduction of parasitic time from tool changing and indexing and other non-cutting movements. Lower overall cycle time for workpiece production is a net result of using this class of machine tool. As lot sizes have diminished the traditional cam actuated axis motions for these automatics is being supplanted by CNC servo driven axis actuation systems in many applications enabling the user to more quickly changeover the machine to reflect lower volume-higher mix demands. In many cases a properly setup cam actuated automatic delivers a faster per part cycle time than a CNC machine. However the reduced setup time from job changeover provided by the CNC machine, often makes the overall job processing time between CNC driven machines equivalent or better than cam actuated automatics. Single Spindle Screw Machine Trends: Sub-spindle synchronization Back working capability Live tooling for turn-mill operations Compound slides for single point turning

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