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Titanium Machining Titanium alloys are the most common heat-resistant metals in modern planes, and titanium accounts for a significant percentage of the weight of a modern aircraft. Consult these resources for tips on machining titanium more productively: Productivity and Security in Titanium Milling Grades S30T and S40T were developed to cope with extremely demanding titanium milling applications. Titanium Component Solution Selector Select from various frame and engine components to find the tools and cutting techniques best suited to that part. Aerospace Application Video Showroom Click on different aerospace machining tools and applications for informative videos.

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Rapid Traverse

A Compact but Rigid VMC for Machining Titanium Blades

In recent years, machine tool builders have developed models specifically designed for the efficient machining of titanium and other hard metals.
Rapid Traverse

Expanded Anti-Pullout System Enables Secure Titanium Milling with ER Collet Systems

Because of the extreme forces involved in machining titanium and other hard metals, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid pullout—the tendency for a cutting tool such as an end mill to gradually loosen in its holder and possibly be twisted out entirely.

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