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PUBLISHED: 12/13/2018

Rotary Indexing Machines Produce in a Single Clamping

The Mikron Multistar CX-24 rotary indexing machines are said to produce both simple and complex turned and milled parts in a single clamping.

PUBLISHED: 12/12/2018

Sorter Inspects Over 360 Degrees

Resec System’s J198 sorter inspects the average, maximum and minimum measurements of each dimension of a part. 

PUBLISHED: 12/11/2018

Hard Jaws Center and Grip Equally

Hard jaws from Dillon are designed to center the workpiece and grip it equally with each jaw.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2018

Washing System Rotates Basket on Horizontal Axis

BvL offers a range of precision cleaning systems.

PUBLISHED: 12/8/2018

Indexable Inserts Handle Turbine Blade Machining

With its specialized coating technology, the Walter WMP45G Tiger-tec gold-grade is designed to improve turbine blade machining.

PUBLISHED: 12/7/2018

Custom Machine Forms Rifling Gooves

The DeHoff G560-B1, from Kay’s Engineering, is a machine designed to form the rifling grooves in gun barrels.

PUBLISHED: 12/6/2018

Metrology Software Has Updated Many Features

LK Metrology’s Camio CMM software version 8.5 has a range of features to help meet user challenges.

PUBLISHED: 12/5/2018

NC Program Module Helps Achieve Ideal Chip Thickness

Vericut version 8.2 includes a Force Turning module for NC program optimization.

PUBLISHED: 12/4/2018

CNC Software Provides Memory and Connectivity

Tormach Inc.’s PathPilot CNC control software comes standard on all machine packages.

PUBLISHED: 12/3/2018

Walter's Perform Drill for Small and Medium Batch Sizes

The DC150 Perform 5 × Dc solid carbide drill is the latest addition to Walter’s DC150 Perform line.

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