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PUBLISHED: 4/27/2018

Vise Features Ultra-Low Profile Clamping with TG GrigSert

Fixtureworks’s Kurt DX6 CrossOver vise, with TG GripSert jaws and gripper inserts, provides improved bearing pack, all-directional alignment and a reduction in jaw lift and features a lighter weight nut and a new brush seal design.

PUBLISHED: 4/26/2018

Collision Monitoring System Reacts in 1 Millisecond

Marposs Corp.’s Brankamp CMS-02 stand-alone system for collision monitoring and crash damage mitigation in machine tools reacts in 1 millisecond, sending a stop signal to E-Stop that helps to alleviate or even eliminate machine crash...

PUBLISHED: 4/25/2018

PowRgrip Clamping System Ensures Long Tool Life

Rego-Fix’s PowRgrip clamping system is comprised of PG toolholders and clamping collets for use in a manual or automatic mini-press that may match or exceed the clamping forces of shrink-fit holders.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2018

Software Offers Robot Programming

Simulation and singularity resolution tools in Vero Software’s WorkNC 2018 R1 can take full advantage of the benefits robots bring to the manufacturing process. 

PUBLISHED: 4/23/2018

Predictive Analytic Service Identifies Potential Failures

FANUC America’s Robot LINKi Zero Down Time (ZDT) is a predictive analytic service that identifies potential failures so customers can schedule maintenance and repairs, avoiding unexpected breakdowns during production. 

PUBLISHED: 4/22/2018

781BXT AccuBore is a Bluetooth-Enabled Electronic Bore Gage

Starrett’s 781BXT AccuBore electronic bore gages are a trigger-operated gaging system, and Bluetooth wireless technology in the bore gage enables measurement data acquisition capabilities without the encumbrances and limitations of c...

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2018

Handte Oil Expert Mist Collector Removes Ultra-Fine Mists

Camfil APC’s Handte Oil Expert eliminates the ongoing housekeeping expenses required to remove oil from heating and cooling equipment, other machinery and workplace surfaces.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2018

Stationary Collet Workholding Components Group Together

Lexair Inc. can custom design and build turnkey solutions for any workholding application.

PUBLISHED: 4/19/2018

Special Cabinet Oven Heats Ends of Long Parts

Grieve’s No. 994 is a 500°F (260°C) special cabinet oven, which has 4” insulated walls and an aluminized steel interior and exterior. 

PUBLISHED: 4/18/2018

'Favorit' CNC Adapts to Grinding Tasks

Studer’s “Favorit” CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is designed for grinding both single part and series production and can be fitted with automation. 

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