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PUBLISHED: 6/20/2018

Pallet Automation System Reduces Lead Times

Fastems LLC’s FMS One is a configurable machine tool pallet automation system built from standard modules that is designed for easy integration with a large number of four-axis and five-axis machine tools. 

PUBLISHED: 6/19/2018

CAM.2 Micro-Grinding System Handles Long Part Length

Glebar Co.’s CAM.2 micro-grinding machine combines multi-axis servomotor control, submicron positioning and a 15” touchscreen interface.

PUBLISHED: 6/18/2018

LCTH Tap Holder Compensates for Misalignment

TM Smith Tool’s LCTH general-purpose compensating tap holder has tension and/or compression for non-synchronous machines, and radial float to compensate for misalignment between the workpiece and spindle. 

PUBLISHED: 6/17/2018

Friction Stir Welders Create Consistent Welded Seams

PTG Heavy Industries’ Powerstir range of friction stir welders are an alternative to traditional welding, used primarily for jointing aluminium, magnesium, copper, titanium, steel, lead and zinc in 

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2018

ND 5023 DRO for Machinists Improves Readability

Heidenhain’s ND 5023 digital readout (DRO) comes equipped with a TFT color display that improves the readability of the information displayed over older models.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2018

Alphacam Nesting Engine Provides Faster Calculation Times

Vero’s Alphacam 2018 R2 nesting engine has enhancements to the software’s dimensioning system that provide greater clarity when printing and presenting information.

PUBLISHED: 6/14/2018

 KNS Cutter Platform Reduces Waste

Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of cutting applications, including by automakers, equipment manufacturers and power generation and electronics companies. 

PUBLISHED: 6/13/2018

TurnCheck System Addresses Shaft Measurement Uncertainty

QVI’s TurnCheck is a precision optical instrument for measuring shafts and other cylindrical parts that addresses the major sources of measurement uncertainty found in shaft measurement.

PUBLISHED: 6/12/2018

Max Bar Mini Shank Toolholders Fit Swiss Machines

Somma’s Max Bar series of mini shank toolholders are designed to fit Swiss machines and can be used for front turning, back turning, cutting off, grooving, and threading, as well as plunge and turn, face grooving, ID grooving, t...

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2018

Profile Line Grinding Insert Processes Complex Geometries

United Grinding’s Ewag Profile Line is an indexable carbide insert grinding center for the processing of complex interchangeable insert geometries and interfaces.

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