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PUBLISHED: 5/19/2018

FMT Thread Mills Increase Productivity and Performance

Carmex’s FMT thread mill can thread up to the bottom of a blind hole while delivering reliability for complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2018

Equator 500 System Enables Accurate Gaging Of Larger Parts

Renishaw’s Equator 500 is a larger gaging system that enables the gaging of larger parts, with a working volume of 20” in diameter and up to 16” in height.

PUBLISHED: 5/17/2018

HCR-5000S HMC Specializes in Aluminum Machining

Mazak’s HCR-5000S five-axis, single-table horizontal machining center offers a range of high-speed spindle options, from a standard 12,000-rpm spindle up to 30,000 rpm spindle.

PUBLISHED: 5/16/2018

M800 Monitoring Control Ensures Transparency

Mitsubishi Laser’s M800 control technology for the Advanced 800 Series eX-F fiber laser machine features a customizable home page and status bar to access data. 

PUBLISHED: 5/15/2018

CBN and PCD-Tipped Inserts Perform Custom Geometries

Thinbit’s inserts tipped with CBN and PCD are said to provide an increased production rate, improved surface finish and dimensional control when used on high-temperature alloys and when used on nonferrous and abrasive metal.

PUBLISHED: 5/14/2018

Macola 10.6 Software Designed for Mobile Users

Macola Software’s Macola 10.6 ERP and business software is designed to access key data wherever users work, with real-time insight into inventory and shopfloor information while increasing efficiencies through reduced data entry and faste...

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2018

Self-Lock Locking System Reduces Assembly Errors

Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock integrated locking system has a thread locking feature that is integrated in the internal thread, and has a modified profile with a 30-degree ramp surface in the direction of stress which provides the self-locking effec...

PUBLISHED: 5/12/2018

Level Master Wireless Allows Simultaneous Measurement

Big Kaiser’s Level Master Wireless supports an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm/1 m and allows simultaneous measurement with multiple detectors.

PUBLISHED: 5/11/2018

DNM 4000 VMC Machines Tough Materials

Doosan Machine Tools’s DNM 4000 compact VMC features a 12,000-rpm, 25-hp 40-taper spindle with 86 foot-pounds of torque and a Big-Plus dual-contact interface. 

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2018

MCosmos Software Improves CMM Efficiency

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s MCosmos V4.2 software is a metrology suite of interrelated modules and expansion modules for Microsoft Windows that allows integration among a series of applications. 

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