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PUBLISHED: 8/4/2018

TNC 640 Now Offered with Touch Technology

The popular TNC 640 is now available with touch technology that supplements the field-proven cycles and functions.

PUBLISHED: 8/3/2018

ERP Software Function Manages Customer Feedback

Founded by two former Facebook employees, Canny helps B2B software companies track customer and employee feedback to build better products.

PUBLISHED: 8/2/2018

Tongtai Horizontal Machining Center for Mass Production Lines

The compact SH-4000P horizontal machining center from Tongtai was developed for mass production lines and enables more space on the shopfloor.

PUBLISHED: 7/30/2018

Cleaning Process Shows Increased Performance on Micromachined Parts

Vacuum cycling nucleation (VCN) is a technology being used to enhance the transfer of material to or from the surface of a solid. The process is accomplished by reducing the total pressure in a controlled environmental chamber containing a part subm...

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2018

Groovex MicrOscope System Adds New Features

Vargus’ Groovex MicrOscope system for internal micromachining operations in bores has added three new toolholder designs for increased clamping and versatility and select micrOscope inserts are now available with coolant in diff...

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2018

Lico Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center Performs On-Center Work

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.’s Lico’s LND-65D-S3 is an 11-axis mill/turn center that has up to five tools in the cut simultaneously.

PUBLISHED: 7/26/2018

Bridgeport V1320 Vertical Milling Center Reduces Vibration

Hardinge’s Bridgeport V1320 vertical milling center is equipped with dual Y-axis ballscrews to improve surface quality, reduce vibration, provide outstanding acceleration, improve roundness accuracy and increase tool life. 

PUBLISHED: 7/26/2018

Torque Fit Tightening Fixture Ensures Precision

Big Kaiser’s Torque Fit is a tightening fixture that is designed to ensure that a collet chuck is correctly tightened.

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2018

Eppinger Planetary-Type Gearboxes Ensure Uptime

Exsys Tool Inc. has expanded its line of Eppinger high-precision industrial gearboxes to include planetary-type gearboxes that provide energy efficiency, minimal heat generation and smooth motion for a variety of applications and industries.

PUBLISHED: 7/24/2018

RTO Parts Washer Designed for Robot Loading Interface

The Renegade I-Series RTO return-to-operator wash dry carousel parts washer boosts cellular operations and is designed to interface with robotic loading and unloading.

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