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PUBLISHED: 6/14/2018

 KNS Cutter Platform Reduces Waste

Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of cutting applications, including by automakers, equipment manufacturers and power generation and electronics companies. 

PUBLISHED: 6/13/2018

TurnCheck System Addresses Shaft Measurement Uncertainty

QVI’s TurnCheck is a precision optical instrument for measuring shafts and other cylindrical parts that addresses the major sources of measurement uncertainty found in shaft measurement.

PUBLISHED: 6/12/2018

Max Bar Mini Shank Toolholders Fit Swiss Machines

Somma’s Max Bar series of mini shank toolholders are designed to fit Swiss machines and can be used for front turning, back turning, cutting off, grooving, and threading, as well as plunge and turn, face grooving, ID grooving, t...

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2018

Profile Line Grinding Insert Processes Complex Geometries

United Grinding’s Ewag Profile Line is an indexable carbide insert grinding center for the processing of complex interchangeable insert geometries and interfaces.

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2018

GibbsCAM CAM Software Simplifies Solidworks Programming

3D Systems’ GibbsCAM 12 software is a CAM product that provides integration with Solidworks by directly reading Solidworks part models, preserving features and attributes, and using these to identify, organiz...

PUBLISHED: 6/9/2018

Vista360 Filtration System Removes Dangerous Particles

RoboVent’s Vista360 combines filtration technology system begins with a dust and fume collector that is perfectly suited for heavy welding needs.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

Mida VTS WF85 Visual Tool Setter Inspects Entire Workpiece

Marposs Corp.’s Mida VTS WF85 visual tool setter can perform both profile and surface integrity inspection of the entire tool front to back, identifying any minor faults in the work tool that could affect workpiece integrity.&nb...

PUBLISHED: 6/7/2018

SFP2 Probe Increases Surface Finish Measurement Ability

Renishaw’s SFP2 surface finish measurement is powered by five-axis measurement technology and is automatically interchangeable with all other probe options available for Revo. 

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2018

Gundrilling Machine Produces Scroll Compressor Driveshafts

Kay’s Engineering’s DeHoff 518 cell is a gundrilling machine for high-volume production of scroll compressor driveshafts with a shaft requires a different diameter hole to be drilled in each end for lubrication of the scroll be...

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2018

Mastercam 2018 Mill Emphasizes Speed and Automation

CNC Software’s Mastercam 2018 mill offers 2D high speed tool paths, 3D enhancements, and multi-axis features that combine with additional enhancements in a package intended to improve shopfloor productivity.    

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