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PUBLISHED: 6/1/2019

Verisurf Master3DGage Enables Increased Efficiency

Verisurf’s Master3DGage portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering solution enable machine shops to increase efficiency, improve part quality and reduce scrap.

PUBLISHED: 5/30/2019

Open Mind hyperMill Software Expands Finishing Capabilities

Open Mind Technologies introduces hyperMill 2019.1, a version of its comprehensive CAD/CAM software. 

PUBLISHED: 5/29/2019

Dynamic Systems Application Enables Real-Time Inventory Access

Dynamic Systems’ Advanced Checkmate mobile application uses barcodes to manage inventory and upload the information to any accounting system.

PUBLISHED: 5/28/2019

Sandvik Coromant Silent Tools Plus Offers Connectivity

Sandvik Coromant’s Silent Tools Plus enables data from the machining process to be collected and sent to a dashboard.

PUBLISHED: 5/27/2019

eNetDNC QC Status Dashboard Software Increases Visibility

eNetDNC’s QC Status Dashboard is a software that works with the Machine Monitoring system to increase visibility and accountability throughout the QC department.

PUBLISHED: 5/26/2019

Hoffmann Carbide Drills Geometries Reduce Cutting Pressure

Hoffmann Group USA expands its solid carbide drill ranges to include imperial sizes.

PUBLISHED: 5/25/2019

Seco JM100 Mini End Mill Operates Without Visibility

Seco Tools’ JM100 mini end mill series is part of the company’s Jabro range of solid-carbide end mills.

PUBLISHED: 5/24/2019

Winn Speed Lock Vise Improves Productivity

Winn Manufacturing’s Speed Lock 6" vise features a quick-change jaw system for short setup time and productivity.

PUBLISHED: 5/23/2019

Sandvik Coromant CoroBore BC Offers Four Operations

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroBore BC offers an alternative to standard tools that do not meet specific requirements.

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2019

SmartCAMcnc Software Subscription Cuts Acquisition Costs

SmartCAMcnc’s software subscription option cuts acquisition costs for CAM software.

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