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PUBLISHED: 8/22/2018

Electrically Heated Oven Dries Small Parts

Grieve’s No. 861 is an electrically heated oven that dries small parts in a tray.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2018

Pleating Technology Extends Filter Life

The company says that because virtually all of the media surface is exposed to the airstream, the filters can be changed out less frequently, saving time and maintenance costs.

PUBLISHED: 8/17/2018

Indexable Inserts Turn Threads in Tight Spaces

The A60 and AG60 Walter Cut MX indexable grooving inserts for small- to medium-pitch threads deliver multiple advantages.

PUBLISHED: 8/16/2018

Cleaner Replaces Volatile Solvents

Houghton cleaner replaces highly volatile solvents in applications where flammability, health, safety and environmental factors are concerns.

PUBLISHED: 8/15/2018

Modular Clamping Jaw Increases Efficiency, Productivity

Hoffmann Group’s Garant Xpent five-axis vise facilitates clamping strategies for increased productivity.

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2018

Multi-Axis Calibrator Builds CMM Error Maps in Half a Day

Renishaw's XM-600 laser measurement system communicates with UCC software during the calibration routine, building a CMM error map within half a day.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2018

Container's Open Structure Optimizes Parts Cleaning

With its open structure and stainless steel rounds, the Mefo-Box system is designed for optimized cleaning.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2018

Mahr Micrometer Integrates Wireless Data Transmission

Digital micrometer measures 10 times faster than a standard micrometer.

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2018

Low-Foaming Metalworking Fluids Offer Corrosion Protection

Tech Cool 35058 and Tech Cool 35037 join Chemetall's line of metalworking fluids.

PUBLISHED: 8/10/2018

New Citizen Tool Program Offers Quality and Service

Heimatec’s new line of live and static tools for Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes are designed for most Citizen lathes.

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