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PUBLISHED: 9/30/2008

Automated Bulk Rod Feeders

Toellner Systems Inc. line of automated parts loading for bulk rod/shaft feeders can load a part in less than 3 seconds. This particular system was specifically designed to hold 1,500 4.

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2008

Bar Feeder With Quick Change-Over

The Quick 6 S2 automatic bar feed from LNS provides quck and easy change-overs of the guide tube system for greater range and productivity, and increases safety by eliminating bars of as much as 6 ft. , 2 3/4" protruding from the back of the lathe, ...

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2008

Automated Indexing System

The Kurt Engineered Division is a combination of Kurt's Custom Engineered Workholding Group, its Electronics Division and its partnerships with robotic integrators. The Kurt Engineered Division provides a source for automated systems with solutions...

PUBLISHED: 6/9/2008

Bar Feeder Technology

IEMCA offers several bar feeders including the Elite 112, the Smart 320 and the Prodigy. The Elite 112 can feed bars of 0.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2008

Bar Feeder For Swiss-Type Applications

IEMCA's Elite 112 bar feeder was designed for use in the medical and other small precision parts manufacturing industries. It offers a precise lift and transfer magazine system and can feed bars from 0.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2008

Parts Automation Transfer Unit

Pick and place technology for running Op. 10 to Op.

PUBLISHED: 4/2/2008

Modular Conveyor System

De-Sta-Co's DCM series of conveyor systems offer customizable options. Available in light-, medium- and heavy-duty specifications, each component is equipped with pivotal motor mounts for continuous operation and fast belt changes.

PUBLISHED: 3/21/2008

End-To-End Turning Accessories For Untended Operation--LNS America

Model ST 320 Alpha Series bar feeds feed round barstock from 0. 12" to 0.

PUBLISHED: 3/7/2008

Seven-Axis Robot Arm Emulates Human Arm

The Nachi Presto MR20 robot features an arm with a seven-axis design supporting up to a 30-kg payload capacity. The seven-axis design allows the robot arm to avoid singularities while providing multiple posture solutions from the same work TCP. Th...

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2008

Stainless Steel Belted Conveyor System

Toellner Systems Inc. 's stainless steel belted conveyor systems contain belts that are manufactured from very tough stainless steel. In fact, the entire transfer system is constructed from high-quality factory inventory.

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