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PUBLISHED: 11/21/2007

Multi-Spindle Loaders

Brochure describes Pietro Cucchi’s standard, basic and compact multi-spindle loaders • Photographs illustrate the machines’ components in more detail • Offers information on the bar centering and control devices in the loaders.

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2007

Conveyor Selection Guide

  • The guide provides features and benefits, photos, specifications and a brief description of potential applications for each QC Industries conveyor • Includes information on the company’s low-profile belt conveyors, with stainless steel, ma...

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2007

High-Speed Precision Bar Feeder

  • Brochure contains information on the Eagle 551 bar feeder • Explains the anti-vibration device, clamping device, auxiliary remote controller and synchronization on the bar feeder • Lists specifications of the model, and describes the Siem...

PUBLISHED: 11/16/2007

Conveyors For Virtually Any Application

QC Industries' Flextrac Plastic Chain belt conveyors have the ability to quickly move heavy loads over long distances. With load capacities of 500 lbs and speeds as fast as 375 fpm, the conveyors offer a standard length of 30 ft. as well as option...

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2007

Bar Feeders For The Precision Bar Turning Industry

The Edge Technologies' Patriot Series is a 12' magazine bar feeder for the production turning industry. The Patriot automatically feeds round, square and hexagonal barstock in lengths of as much as 12. 5' into CNC lathes.

PUBLISHED: 9/4/2007

Bar Feeds Enable Faster Spindle Speeds

Through advanced design and manufacturing techniques, the heavy-duty LNS Hydrobar Sprint 552 and 565 bar feeds provide increased stability while reducing bar vibration, according to the company. As a result, these bar feeds improve productivity by ...

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2007

Bar Feeds With Steel-Beam Construction

The company’s Hydrobar Sprint 552 and 565 bar feeds provide increased stability while reducing bar vibration. As a result, these bar feeds improve productivity by enabling increased machine spindle rpm, improving surface finish and extending tool l...

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2007

Automated Robotic Unloading Process

The company offers an automated robot for increasing the efficiency of the unloading process on CNC machines. After the part is cut off and discharged, a lifting mechanism singulates and positions the part so it can be unloaded by the robot arm. T...

PUBLISHED: 6/25/2007

Servo Short Loader

MTA International offers the Vs-65E, a full-featured, economy-priced servo short loader. Based on the success of the company’s V-65E pneumatic short loader, the servo short loader utilizes the same shell and overall compact 470-lb design, footprint...

PUBLISHED: 6/21/2007

Chip And Parts Conveyor For Ferrous Materials

Eriez says its chip and parts conveyors provide a maintenance-free method for moving and elevating ferrous materials such as chips, turnings, small parts and stampings. With the exception of an externally mounted drive motor, the unit is self-conta...

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