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PUBLISHED: 4/9/2009

Automated, 5-Axis, High-Speed Machining Center for Small-Part Manufacturing

This automated, five-axis, high-speed machining center designed for small-part manufacturing. The M8 is a five-axis trunnion machining center that can access five sides of a part, and complete the part in a single setup. According to the company, ...

PUBLISHED: 2/2/2009

5-Axis CNC Turning Center

Ganesh Machinery’s 5X-160 five-axis CNC machining center with a Tsudakoma trunnion five-axis rotary table is standard with rugged boxways, high-speed look ahead, chip wash and spindle air blast. This combination offers the capability to handle comp...

PUBLISHED: 9/29/2008

Five-Axis Turning And Milling Center

The Mi8 five-axis turning and milling center from Amada Wasino provides advanced manufacturing for industries that demand parts with extreme precision, such as medical and aerospace. The mulitfunction center is designed for manufacturing complex, m...

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2007

Five-Axis VMC

Chiron's FZ 08 KS M five-axis machine contains the Al Nano High Precision Contour Control and allows for fast and automatic control of the feed rate with high resolution interpolation. It is also integrated with an NC swivel rotary table with a fou...

PUBLISHED: 6/29/2006

Five-Axis VMC For Medical Device Market

The Mytrunnion-1 is a five-axis VMC designed for simultaneous five-axis machining of smaller-lot parts. Built on a C-frame platform, the Z axis is moved by the headstock and the X and Y axes are moved by the table. The machine incorporates an A-ax...

PUBLISHED: 1/27/2006

Five-Axis Machine For Automated Production.

Mikron Bostomatic Corporation’s UCP 600 Vario can accommodate a variety of machining configurations, including automated production applications. The high speed five-axis system can machine an array of materials, including stainless steels, titaniu...

PUBLISHED: 8/3/2005

5-Axis HMC Has Linear Drive On X Axis

The DMU eVolution 5-axis machine produces undercuts of up to 18 degrees, fast chip-to-chip time and a large work area with a smaller space requirement. The linear drive mechanism of the X axis for the smallest positioning time, maximum precision an...

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2004

Five-Axis Multi-Plane Machining Center

The 800VH is a five-axis multi-plane machining center for the production of complex parts in the medium-size range, such as impellers, turbine blades and electronic communication equipment.  The machine has an 800 mm x 800 mm pallet and the standard...

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