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PUBLISHED: 8/8/2008

High-Feed Face Mills

The SP6H/SP6N series of S-Max high-feed face mills is said to represent a combination of robust edge strength and high-feed capability that provides a hybrid approach to metalcutting applications. The high-feed capability is made possible by an ...

PUBLISHED: 7/2/2008

2D Profile Milling Of Titanium

The CoroMill 690 is a long-edge cutting tool developed to provide high productivity in 2D profile milling of titanium components, especially for manufacturers who produce complex titanium components for the aerospace industry. Highly resistant to a...

PUBLISHED: 5/20/2008

Chatter-Free End Mills Improve Throughput And Finish

Chatterfree end mills from Iscar are designed to eliminate chatter problems in milling operations. The cutters' variable-pitch flute pattern eliminates harmonic vibration, the main source of chatter.

PUBLISHED: 3/24/2008

Micro Machining End Mills--Emuge Corp.

Emuge's solid carbide micro end mills are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of micro machining applications. An innovative, geometrically optimized cutting edge combined with a slim, concave, tapered neck provide flexible, high-...

PUBLISHED: 3/12/2008

Cutting Tools For Milling Hard-To-Process Materials

• Literature explains milling tools developed for hard-to-process materials, called CurveCut • Lists main features of the tools, as well as tolerances, specifications, and recommended speeds and feeds • These tools can remove titanium and stainles...

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2008

Milling Tools

Iscar is expanding it's Multi-Master line of tools that are designed to allow users to do a variety of milling operations in a single shank. An array of head geometries are currently available to perform ball nose, square shoulder, chamfering and s...

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2008

Multifunction Carbide Tool

The Magafor Multi-V multifunction carbide tool is capable of performing eight separate operations on a variety of turning and milling centers. The tool can meet a range of diameter needs from 0. 020" to 0.

PUBLISHED: 11/30/2007

Technology For High Productivity

Iscar's metalworking concept for increased productivity, called 3P Sumo line, presents premium productivity products (3P) for better productivity, better profitability and better performance. The highlight of the 3P product introduction is Sumo Tec...

PUBLISHED: 9/11/2007

Milling Cutters With Round Or Serrated Inserts

Iscar has expanded its Millshred family of tools. The Millshred is a new style of cutter that can carry a serrated cutting edge insert as well as traditional regular round inserts. Both inserts have a protruding cylinder on the bottom with locatin...

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2007

Inserts For Face Milling Applications

Iscar is expanding its Heliocto and Feedmill families of tools with the OFMW 0706R10-FF inserts. The insert features eight Feedmill-type large radii segmented cutting edges designed to increase feeds on face milling applications. When used at smal...

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