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PUBLISHED: 6/21/2007

Round Insert Cutter Range

Seco Tools Inc. offers round insert cutters suitable for roughing and semi-finishing in face- and copy-milling applications. The cutters feature a hard nickel coating (700+ Vickers) on the cutter body, which increases protection from chip wear, of...

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2007

Expanded Toroid Cutting Tool Line

Dapra Corporation has almost doubled their offering of toroid cutting tools by adding 12 shell mills in ODs from 2" through 8". For maximum versatility, four insert geometries--round, square, high feed and octagonal--are available for toroid cutter...

PUBLISHED: 1/25/2007

Inserts For Face Milling, Deep Slots And More

Heliplus is an extension of the Heli2000 family of tools. The Heliplus family was then introduced with the HP ADKT 2207 insert with a 22 mm cutting edge length and the HP ANKT 0702 insert with a 7-mm cutting edge length. Iscar is continuing to up...

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2006

Fiberglass Routers and Engraving Tools

The company's composites/fiberglass routers and engraving tools are designed to increase production efficiency in manufacturing environments.  The routers include a 0. 25" carbide straight-flute router bit used in manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2006

Tool System Offers A Variety Of Milling Operations

The Multi-Master MM FF combines steel shanks with indexable carbide FeedMill heads for long life and repeatability in high-feed machining, according to maker, Iscar. The system of tools allows users to do a variety of milling operations while stil...

PUBLISHED: 6/29/2006

PVD Coated Milling Cutters

The Tiger-tec cutting tool coating material is being applied to a wider range of milling cutters. This coating was developed from Walter's PVD technology applied to an aluminium oxide coating. According to the company, when this coating is used wi...

PUBLISHED: 5/3/2006

Indexable Insert Disc Mills

Seco-Carboloy  added fixed pocket and adjustable cutters to its range of 335. 18 indexable insert disc mills. The additions include free cutting (positive geometry) LNKT and LNKW inserts and round 6-mm and 8-mm RD and RP styles.

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2006

Prolong Tooling Life With New Tip Option

Dapra Corporation now offers optional PCD tips for its Backdraft and XPET inserts. Useful for mold and die operations, the company’s PCD-tipped Backdraft inserts are available in diameters of 1/2" and 3/4", with 1/32" and 1/16" corner radii and a u...

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2005

Comprehensive Machining On Lathes With Driven Tools

With its program for driven tools with VDI40 and VDI50 toolholders, Kennametal is meeting the market's growing need for complete machining on lathes, also. This program allows both drilling and milling to be performed on lathes with driven tool cap...

PUBLISHED: 1/21/2005

Solid Carbid Endmills Handle Roughing And Finishing

A solid carbide endmill family of tools, the Finishred, contains a fast metal removal design that makes it possible to machine both roughing and finishing applications in the same process. By combining the roughing process with the finishing proces...

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