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PUBLISHED: 4/28/2014

KCSM30 Grade for Increased Speeds Milling Titanium

With approximately 25 percent longer tool life, the KCSM30 milling grade from Kennametal directly reduces cost-per-part for shops working on titanium.

PUBLISHED: 3/31/2014

CMT Vertical Milling Inserts Deliver Versatility

Designed for todayʼs hard machining challenges, Carmexʼs CMT line delivers long tool life, high material removal, excellent surface finish, reduced cycle times and lower cutting forces in materials up to 62 HRc steel.

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2013

High Qline Indexable Milling Insert Boasts Asymmetric Shape

The Iscar products of the High Qline family of cutting tools offer an indexable milling Insert with an asymmetric shape.

PUBLISHED: 7/22/2013

Explore a Cutting Tool 'Smart Hub'

“What will you Discover?” is the theme of the 5,700-square-foot Smart Hub, where an international team of Sandvik Coromant specialists will be based throughout the event.

PUBLISHED: 7/16/2013

Shoulder Mills Increase Machining Flexibility

Seco’s Turbo 10 series of square shoulder milling cutters offers inserts with updated geometries and radii, as well as helical cutters for increased machining flexibility in tough materials.

PUBLISHED: 7/16/2013

Milling Cutter Features Internal Coolant Channels

Mikron Tool SA Agno will showcase its CrazyMill Cool solid carbide endmill for milling stainless steel, titanium, chrome-cobalt alloys and super alloys.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2013

Dapra's 12-mm Cutter Bodies and Inserts Minimize Runout

Dapra Corporation’s 12-mm cutter bodies and inserts to its line of 90-degree square shoulder precision mills.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2013

Micro Carbide Cutting Tools Designed to User Specs

Alliance CNC offers precision tooling designed for drilling, milling, recessing and reaming applications.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2013

2013 Cutting Tool Catalog from SCT

Scientific Cutting Tools' (SCT) 128-page cutting tool catalog for 2013 is full of useful technical information, including cutting tool speeds and feeds for each specific product category.

PUBLISHED: 4/3/2013

Milling Chucks Reduce Run-Out

Rego-Fix’s millTite milling chucks are said to reduce run-out while increasing gripping force.

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