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PUBLISHED: 2/25/2011

Specialty Carbide Cutting Tools

The company offers precision tooling designed for drilling, milling, recessing and reaming applications.

PUBLISHED: 9/8/2010

Modular System Expanded

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. has expanded the Kaiser KAB modular tooling system capabilities to include the high-feed C-cutter mini chamfer mill line from BIG Daishowa Seiki.The new C-Cutter Mini KAB type delivers multi-functional cutting, incl...

PUBLISHED: 7/2/2010

Face Milling of Cast Iron

The HELIDO milling cutter family has been expanded for face milling applications, especially those in cast iron machining. The S865 FSN mill includes all features of the HELIDO family plus a 65-degreelead angle to reduce burrs and edge breakout that...

PUBLISHED: 5/6/2010

Cutting Tool Product Catalog

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Cutting Tool Division, has introduced a 2010 cutting tool product catalog.

PUBLISHED: 5/6/2010

Mill-Turn Machine With Specialty Tooling

The Doosan Puma MX mill-turn machines can now be equipped with Coromant Capto machine-adapted clamping units designed for the lower turret for faster and safer tool changes with more tooling rigidity, the company says.The tool selection consists of ...

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2010

Expanded Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Solid carbide thread mills from the company’s Threads-All program require minimal tooling and adapt to a range of threading requirements to easily and safely machine with thread quality and tool life.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2010

Milling Tools Designed for Dental Machining

 The company offers a line of milling tools developed for the field of dental prosthetics manufacturing that are made of carbide construction, and cutting geometries and coatings have been engineered specifically for use with today’s dental material...

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2010

Cutting Tools for Titanium, Aluminum and Composite Aerospace Components

 The company offers a range of Cyclo Cut cutting tools and Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids designed and blended for all aspects of aerospace machining.

PUBLISHED: 10/29/2009

Live Lathe Tools for ID Machining

Eltool’s live tool modules combined with the company’s right angle heads are designed to machine internally in bores down to l” in diameter. Secondary operations including ID milling, drilling, slotting and grooving can now be integrated into turni...

PUBLISHED: 10/29/2009

Thread Manufacturing on Bone Screws

Schwanog’s project report on its medical technology explains the single machining process on Swiss-type (automatic) lathes using the company’s special whirling systems. It also describes the post-manufacturing process on thread milling and/or threa...

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