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PUBLISHED: 12/28/2017

Inserts for Automated Toolholder Cleaning

Specifically, for toolholders and tool fixtures, Metallform (distributed by Ecoclean in the U.S.) has developed inserts that can be easily placed in standard cleaning baskets. They enable the fast, automated cleaning.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Rust Preventive for Ferrous and Copper Metals

Madison Chemical’s Compound RP-99S, a versatile water-based rust preventive for use on ferrous and copper metals, is applied to previously cleaned parts by immersion, manual spray or recirculated spray methods.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Guide Helps Plan for Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC’s new guide, titled “Planning for New Cleaning Equipment,” was written for beginners to the world of parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Layton Technologies' Machine Uses Azeotropic Blend for Cleaning of Electric Components

The drying of the components is carried out in the vapor phase and freeboard area below the sealed sliding lid. The components can be immersed and/or sprayed. The spray pressure can be controlled for particularly fragile components.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2017

NiagaraDFS Flood/Spray System with Revolving Wheel Technology Ensures Thorough Cleaning

BvL Oberflächentechnik’s NiagaraDFS basket washing system’s inline material flow concept shortens ancillary times to a minimum, significantly reducing cycle times and increasing capacity.

PUBLISHED: 9/22/2017

WD-40 Non-Aerosol Degreasers are Safe and Easy to Use

WD-40 Co. has added non-aerosol industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser products to its Specialist line.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2017

Mega Jet Pressure Blast for Heavy Parts

Ransohoff has introduced its Mega Jet Pressure Blast, an economical manual high-pressure spray washer for large, heavy parts where floor space comes at a premium. 

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Tumble Brite EP-13 for Mass Finishing

Madison Chemical’s Tumble Brite EP-13 is a mild burnishing compound that can be used for mass finishing operations, is designed to provide excellent lubricity and controlled foam, and reduces excessive media-to-media wear.

PUBLISHED: 7/18/2017

Vortec Air Knives Ideal for Blow-Off Of Water And Debris

Air knives from Vortec transform ordinary compressed air into a uniform sheet of amplified air.

PUBLISHED: 7/17/2017

StillClean Distillation System Reduces Hazardous Waste

StillClean is a system designed to reduce the hazardous waste generated at facilities.

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