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PUBLISHED: 10/27/2016

Bionomic Industries’ Series 6000 Tray Scrubber Recovers Acids

Bionomic Industries Inc.’s Series 6000 tray scrubber is designed for recovering and re-concentrating acids such as hydrochloric acid, metal pickling operations, acetic acid, ammonia and alcohols from supply and process operations including a h...

PUBLISHED: 10/26/2016

MicroCare’s Degreaser Eliminates Acid Testing

This formulation is designed to work similarly to other aggressive, chlorinated and brominated solvents.

PUBLISHED: 10/26/2016

Drum Washer System Cleans Complex Geometries

The Drum Washer system is designed to clean and dry complex parts with a rotary drum between 12" and 48" with a continuously welded helix.

PUBLISHED: 10/26/2016

ReStore Kit Quickly Restores Stainless Steel and Other Metalworking Surfaces

The multi-product kit comes in one box that contains one gallon of AquaBlue general purpose multi-metal surface cleaner, one gallon of TreadBrite foam acidic cleaner for multi-metals including stainless steel, one gallon of CR-120N nitric acid clean...

PUBLISHED: 10/25/2016

Metalnox Solvents Offer Non-Flammable and Low Surface Tension Qualities

The combined features of low surface tension, non-flammability, and superior solvency are designed to replace AK225, nPB, TCE and other undesirable solvents, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2016

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning without Solvents

The model features an agitation table, dual filtration, 10-gallon weir tank, sparge bar and an insulated tank and lid.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2016

Open-Design Basket Ensures Consistent Cleaning

This design gives ultrasonics and spray jets unfettered access to parts, improving the cleaning processes and promoting an effective exchange of media, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2016

Complete Cleaning in 30 Seconds

The compact MecanoFAST requires less than 2 square meters of floor space and with a width of 700 mm can be placed next to a production machine and integrated into the flow of production.

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2016

Bio-Renewable Parts Cleaning Systems for Any Parts Size

The ergonomically designed units range in size to ease cleaning and degreasing regular, large, and over-sized industrial parts.

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2016

Recycling System Offers Advanced Controls

The WasteWizard system is a highly automated, low-maintenance point-of-use solution designed for the factory floor, featuring a process to filter and collect the soluble waste contaminates while purifying valuable components that can be reused.

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