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PUBLISHED: 8/13/2004

Vertical Indexing Machine

The Model 190 vertical indexing machine performs multiple operations for high-volume production simultaneously on one machine. Taking raw material to finished parts in seconds, the machine efficiently executes operations ranging from tube or bar cu...

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2004

Rotary Transfer Machines With EMC Technology

The Epic rotary transfer machine uses embedded motion control (EMC), which features plug and play programmable valves that are integrated or embedded into each tool spindle unit, which is said to almost eliminate the use of conventional valves and m...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2002

Line Of Expanded Machine Components

Hause Machines has expanded its line of components to offer customers a wide array of equipment, options and economical choices. The additional components include: drilling and tapping presses, each with various power options, accessories and capab...

PUBLISHED: 11/15/2001

Flexible Precision Part Manufacturing

The Advanced Technology (AT) machine is a modular, open architecture machining system useful for mid- to high-volume production of parts from irregular-shaped cast or forged blanks. Available in 8- to 10-station models, with a 115-mm diameter work ...

PUBLISHED: 9/15/2001

Eight-Station Rotary

The RT8 eight-station rotary is all-new--new parts and components from base casting to spindle, not "renewed" or "rebuilt. " Each head is easily moved from one station to another. Simple switches enable pre-programmed movement routines for drillin...

PUBLISHED: 7/15/2001

Transfer Machines Provide Flexibility

Trunnion transfer machines come in two models--the V8 and V12. These modular machines have the capability to provide versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system. The machines are well suited for the manufacturing of small casting ap...

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2001

Ten-Station Rotary Transfer Machine

The company will display the PRO 20, a 10-station rotary transfer machine designed for the high production of parts ranging up to 3/4" in diameter. Suitable for many types of applications, this machine produces parts with the uncompromised q...

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2001

C Series RT Rotary Transfer Machines

Convertible C120, C122 and C128 rotary transfer machines feature a variety of clamping options for operations such as: milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, threading, turning, screw assembly and more. Chips evacuate through the center of the base...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

Rotary Transfer Machine Eliminates Secondaries

The HB 32/45-16 rotary transfer machine is a modular system consisting of up to 16 horizontal and eight vertical tool spindle units, rigidly mounted around a precision cast iron ring. This arrangement has the capability of providing versatility a...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

Vertical Indexing Machine Produces Three-Way Fittings

The company has developed a new vertical indexing machine using a Hirth gear to locate the index. By using different machining units in various configurations, the 2000 vertical indexing machine has flexibility to produce a variety of parts. The ...

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