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PUBLISHED: 11/15/2001

Flexible Precision Part Manufacturing

The Advanced Technology (AT) machine is a modular, open architecture machining system useful for mid- to high-volume production of parts from irregular-shaped cast or forged blanks. Available in 8- to 10-station models, with a 115-mm diameter work ...

PUBLISHED: 9/15/2001

Eight-Station Rotary

The RT8 eight-station rotary is all-new--new parts and components from base casting to spindle, not "renewed" or "rebuilt. " Each head is easily moved from one station to another. Simple switches enable pre-programmed movement routines for drillin...

PUBLISHED: 7/15/2001

Transfer Machines Provide Flexibility

Trunnion transfer machines come in two models--the V8 and V12. These modular machines have the capability to provide versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system. The machines are well suited for the manufacturing of small casting ap...

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2001

C Series RT Rotary Transfer Machines

Convertible C120, C122 and C128 rotary transfer machines feature a variety of clamping options for operations such as: milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, threading, turning, screw assembly and more. Chips evacuate through the center of the base...

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2001

Ten-Station Rotary Transfer Machine

The company will display the PRO 20, a 10-station rotary transfer machine designed for the high production of parts ranging up to 3/4" in diameter. Suitable for many types of applications, this machine produces parts with the uncompromised q...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

Rotary Transfer Machine Eliminates Secondaries

The HB 32/45-16 rotary transfer machine is a modular system consisting of up to 16 horizontal and eight vertical tool spindle units, rigidly mounted around a precision cast iron ring. This arrangement has the capability of providing versatility a...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

Vertical Indexing Machine Produces Three-Way Fittings

The company has developed a new vertical indexing machine using a Hirth gear to locate the index. By using different machining units in various configurations, the 2000 vertical indexing machine has flexibility to produce a variety of parts. The ...

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