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PUBLISHED: 6/17/2008

Vertical CNC Honing System For Multi-Spindle Sizing

Sunnen's SV-310 vertical CNC honing system combines multi-spindle machine configurations with wide tooling choices and 762 mm/30" stroke for bore sizing of small and medium-sized gas/diesel engine blocks, large gears, air compressors, aerospace part...

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2008

Multi-Spindle Automatics For New Markets

The SCX-series of modular assembled Schutte multi-spindle automatics produce complex as well as simple workpieces economically. This multi-spindle machine can do everything that is possible with a three-axis machining center.

PUBLISHED: 4/10/2008

Air Lube System For Screw Machines

• Brochure describes the Davenport Model B remanufacturing program that showcases the new air lube system and cycle selector drive package • The air lube system creates a continuous positive air seal preventing foreign matter from contaminating the...

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Turning Centers

• Brochure illustrates Schütte CNC multi-spindle automatic turning centers in detail • Describes the functionality of the SCX series turning centers • Explains the advantages and features of the SCX machine series with bullet points, photos and sp...

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2007

Multi-Spindle Loaders

Brochure describes Pietro Cucchi’s standard, basic and compact multi-spindle loaders • Photographs illustrate the machines’ components in more detail • Offers information on the bar centering and control devices in the loaders.

PUBLISHED: 10/9/2007

Attachments For Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines

- Brochure describes SPC Innovations' products including its pick up and backworking systems; milling, drilling and tapping products and other attachments- Part inspection, broken tool sensors and other problem-solving products are highlighted with ...

PUBLISHED: 3/7/2007

Five-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine

Davenport's High-Precision (HP) Machine comes fully loaded with a PLC for reduced setup times and a high-precision head as standard equipment. The HP head design has stiffened the machine revolving spindles by replacing bronze or needle bearings wi...

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2007

Toolholder For Multi-Spindles

Crowley Tool Company's new versatile toolholder for multi-spindle machines, which introduces an addition to the concept of zero movement modular tooling, is a version of a modular cross-slide holder. It allows the use of most existing hardware, thu...

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2006

Six-Spindle CNC Automatic Lathe

The six-spindle automatic lathe, the Euroturn 6/26 CNC from Maxim International, is built with six independent cross slides, six independent endworking slides, five independent compound slides and an independent backworking slide. The machine is es...

PUBLISHED: 4/26/2006

Quick-Change Tool Spindle Box

The quick-change tool spindle front box from Davenport Machine was developed in conjunction with Davenport customers to cut hours off of every setup requiring a tool spindle change. The quick-change box allows the steel outer housing to be aligned ...

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