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PUBLISHED: 3/15/2001

Bar Loader For Multi-Spindles

The company's automatic bar loader is designed to automatically load and feed round bars to multi-spindle screw machines. The principal advantage of the stock reel is that it only needs replenishing occasionally to provide the screw machine with ...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

New Automatic Bar Feeders

The company's new automatic bar feeder is said to be extremely accurate in positioning and feeding automatically. Its rigid design can handle up to 100 bars, yet provide high rotational speed, and easy and fast loading. The oil bath allows quiet ...

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2001

The New Generation of Multispindles

The MS32P is a CNC-controlled multispindle machine with a 32 mm/1¼" diameter capacity from the Multiline series. A programmable C axis and Y axis have been added. A quick-change tooling system and free chip fall, as well as a highly pre...

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