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Published: 11/25/2008

Software Release Helps Manufacturers Thrive
Exact Software’s latest iteration of its JobBoss product is designed for manufacturers to meet tight, ever-changing deadlines while increasing customer satisfaction, providing companies with a competitive advantage that is especially valuable during...

Published: 11/25/2008

Shop Monitoring Software
Shop Floor Automations’ Predator MDC is designed to monitor machine activity, track jobs and manage personnel and is fully automated and easily accessible. The new version, Predator MDC v8. 0, includes 326 reports and charts, and it improves upon a...

Published: 9/30/2008

Software Products Create Productivity For All Machines
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. and ROY-G-BIV Corporation have created a partnership using Siemens Motion Control Information System (MCIS) software with ROY-G-BIV’s XMC universal machine connectivity software. This partnership creates facto...

Published: 8/18/2008

ERP Module For Custom Manufacturers
JobPlan-Enterprise from JobPack is an integrated, enterprise resource planning module designed for custom, discrete manufacturers and companies that work on an engineer to order basis. The system offers complete functionality to meet the require...

Published: 6/16/2008

Quality Management Software Systems
Exact Software merged with CEBOS to bring CEBOS' MQ1 quality management software system to users of Exact JobBoss software. MQ1 helps organizations implement and maintain ISO and Six Sigma standards and respond to industry specific or government re...

Published: 6/11/2008

Manufacturing And Accounting Software
Visual EstiTrack manufacturing software is available from Henning Software. The EstiTrack 10.

Published: 11/30/2007

Design For Manufacturing Analysis
Geometric Limited's DFM Pro implements a set of critical DFM (Design For Manufacturing) rules to check designs from a manufacturing perspective. DFM .

Published: 9/4/2007

ERP Software Version Supports Microsoft Vista
Exact JobBoss version 10 provides support for the Microsoft Vista operating system and also includes several enhancements and features designed to improve the ease with which job shops, custom manufacturers and high-tech shops can manage and improve...

Published: 9/4/2007

Software Provides Scheduling Rule Options
JobPack Inc. has released the latest version for the JobPack Real Time Scheduler for production manufacturing companies. The latest version provides scheduling rule options.

Published: 6/20/2007

Tool Room Integration
Ice Development Systems designed a tool room to help effectively manage and maintain tooling inventory and reduce the time necessary to plan, locate and reorder tooling. The company integrates the tool room with the shop floor control, inventory, a...