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Published: 5/21/2008

Swiss-Type Rotary Broaching Toolholder
Slater Tools is expanding its line of Swiss-type adjustment-free rotary broaching toolholders with its 0700 series Swiss-type broach holder. The toolholder features a 0.

Published: 4/24/2008

Sliding Headstock Turning Center
Tornos' Sigma 20 Pursuit, a sliding headstock turning center is capable of turning parts ranging from simple to moderately complex. The machine comes pre-loaded with attachments and accessories needed to turn a variety of parts for the electrical, ...

Published: 4/10/2008

Swiss Turning Centers For High-Volume Production
Maier Swiss's MLK 125 Linear Automatic Series of Swiss-type turning centers are especially useful for the accurate, high-volume production of parts for electronic component manufacturing and a range of other small-part applications. The Linear Seri...

Published: 4/9/2008

CNC Sliding Headstock Automatics
• Brochure describes the ML ProLine CNC sliding headstock automatics from Maier-Swiss • Highlights the different series of this machine with detailed diagrams and photos for each • Explains the benefits of the machine, the Maier control, options a...

Published: 3/12/2008

Specialized Tools For Swiss-Type Machines
• The digest-size, 64-page catalog features high-precision tools and accessories for small-part manufacturing and Swiss-type machining • Product lines detailed include Utilis Swiss-type machining tools and boring bars, PCM rotary broaching holders ...

Published: 3/7/2008

Swiss-Type/Turret Machine
The BH20SY from Tsugami features a sliding headstock with gang tools, a 12-station turret with stationary or rotating tools, plus a back spindle. All three "paths" can work on parts simultaneously, reducing cycle times, and offer the capability to ...

Published: 2/1/2008

Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe With Motion Control
• Literature describes the Star CNC ECAS 20T type A/type B Swiss-type automatic lathe quipped with a motion control system • Explains high productivity, machining capabilities, high accuracy, operability and environmental measures • Lists standard...

Published: 8/15/2007

CNC Swiss Automatic Lathe
• Star CNC's brochure describes the features and benefits of the type C and type A models of its SB-16 • Offers photographs and diagrams of the product as well as specifications for the standard machine and the backworking attachment • Provides a bu...

Published: 3/26/2007

Toolholding System For Swiss Machines
The swissQuick toolholders are offered in various types (ER 8 to ER 25) and clamping ranges (0. 5 to 13 mm). They are designed to have faster tool changes and increased production time because of their preset capabilities.

Published: 3/26/2007

Swiss-Style Turning Centers
Maier CNC Swiss turning centers provide start-to-finish machining (simultaneous turning and milling/drilling) in a single operation. ML ProLine machines are available in five different series with configurations ranging from four axes with as many ...