2/16/2011 | 2 MINUTE READ

50th Annual PMPA Nathional Technical Conference

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Grow the skills of your technical, quality and management personnel. PMPA’s Technical Program Committee has designed a program that will continue the world-class training opportunities of five decades of technical conferences. Learn from a combination of professional speakers and leaders in the machining industry on topics and issues we face every day. Here is what is in store for you: 
Keynote Speaker: The Corps Group will share their experiences to help you “win in fast time.” They are an elite company comprised of former military fighter pilots and corporate executives with extensive business experience. The group’s keynote will share fighter pilot-proven, high-performing methodologies designed to help you and your team achieve an unrelenting focus on strategy, gain employee alignment around goals and attain breakthrough financial results.
Certification Workshop: “Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis” is a new program designed to provide concentrated, in-depth training. This training session will give you the tools, the understanding of those tools and the knowledge of when to use them. Nationally known quality expert Mike Micklewright will conduct three consecutive training sessions, building upon each block of information. A certificate of completion, signed by Mr. Micklewright, will be presented to participants who complete all 4.5 hours of training.
Training Focus: Every session in this conference will identify how you can translate what you learn into saving money back at your shop. Additionally, there are three process-focused sessions you can put in place in your shop to assist you with your training. These include: 
• “Train the Trainer – Top Gun Style” with The Corps Group
• “Developing and Retaining Talented Employees” with Diane Thielfoldt, an expert who specializes in designing and developing training in the changing workforce
• “The Process of Apprenticeships” with Ms. Thielfoldt; Ryan Pohl 
of Expert Tech, a passionate 
industry professional; and Tim Shuell of PMPA member shop Metric Machining.
Print Sessions: These technical sessions bring together estimators, shopfloor experts and engineers from all over the United States 
and Canada to discuss the best ways of producing real-world parts on specific types of machines. 
You can be sure there will be many different approaches to tooling and running the jobs. You will take home a variety of profitable ways to improve what you do.  
Track Programming: Sessions are targeted to three groups of personnel: Technical, Quality and Management. The programs include:
Technical Track: 
Basic Geometry for Programming
Guide to the PMPA Website–Tools You Can Use
Machining Exotics
Materials Sense-Making
MTB: The Latest & The Greatest
Practical Thread Rolling
Robotics and Cellular Manufacturing–The Future is Here
Tool Coatings–Rules You Can Use
Workholding Panel: I Have a Problem
Quality Track: 
Best Practice Round Tables
Geometric Tolerancing
ISO 14001: Should You Consider?
New Product Launch–A Shop Perspective
Optical Systems–Why, What Works, What Doesn’t
Management Track: 
A Practical Guide to Digital Media Management
Developing and Retaining Talented Employees
Social Media–The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
The Permanent Reincarnation of TWI
The Process of Apprenticeships 
Train the Trainer–Top Gun Style