January 2021 ISSUE

Production Machining January 2021
January 2021 | Digital Edition

CNC Deburring and Chamfering Make a Difference

Manual deburring or chamfering of machined parts can be arduous and results can vary. A dedicated, 11-axis CNC process with complaint technology offers a faster, more repeatable and automated alternative.


Cutting Tools

A CNC Means to Burnish Large, Flat Surfaces

Rather than tasking shopfloor employees to polish large, flat metal surfaces, consider a machine tool with a diamond burnishing face mill instead.


Automated Cleaning System Improves Productivity

This rotary basket washer drastically reduced the number of operators tending to the cleaning process as well as removed the bottleneck from that station.


5 Grinding Considerations for Improving Surface Finish

Improving surface finish can be done by making adjustments to one or more of these points: operational parameters, wheel dressing, grit size, coolant delivery and machine condition.