11/12/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Decision by Committee Works at PMPA

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Some committees can be a waste of time, but at PMPA, the committees are populated with dedicated PMPA members and staff who work hard to improve the precision machining industry. 


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Committees get bad PR. It’s not without a basis in truth. We have all served on committees that talked a lot, but did nothing, met without any results and basically felt like a giant waste of time. Worse yet are the “rubber stamp” committees which say “yes” to everything without thoughtful discussion or consideration; these committees can do more harm than good. I’m proud to say that none of those descriptions define a PMPA committee. That’s because PMPA committees are populated by members and staff who are committed to the success of our industry and have found a way to contribute. 

If you are looking for a way to get involved with PMPA, forge some strategic relationships and help your industry, I encourage you to consider inquiring about the committees below.

Information Technology—Future of Manufacturing (IT-FOM) Committee

Technology is everywhere, and the future is coming fast. The IT-FOM committee is dedicated to improving the quality, productivity and global competitiveness of precision machine products manufacturers by providing information regarding innovative, contemporary and accessible technology in computing, media and telephony services.

NextGen Committee

There needs to be a transfer of knowledge and a succession plan to keep our businesses going. The NextGen Committee is committed to provide workforce development initiatives, creating an inclusive environment and experiences that develop the next generation to become successful contributors within the precision machining industry.

PMTS Committee

Held every other year (on the odd years), the Precision Machining Technology Show is the biggest trade show dedicated to the precision machining industry. The PMTS Committee advises with the planning, promotion and policy development of the industry’s most focused trade shows. 

Quality Committee

Quality is critical to our industry and critical to PMPA members. The Quality Committee provides educational and advisory information on quality topics to improve the members’ manufacturing and competitive advantage.

Update Committee

The annual Update Conference held in the winter is a popular conference that provides updates on issues of concern to owners and managers of metalworking companies. The Update Committee helps to plan, develop the programming and promote the Update Conference.

Technical Program Committee

The annual National Technical Conference, aka the biggest precision machining technical conference of the year, is planned by the Technical Program Committee. The goal of the Technical Program Committee is to provide relevant technical programming to lead and support PMPA members to achieve global competitiveness. 


About the Author

Carli Kistler-Miller, MBA has over 20 years of experience with event/meeting planning, marketing, writing and operations. To inquire about a PMPA committee, please email cmiller@pmpa.org