Gaining Competitive Intelligence


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Are you comfortable with your knowledge of offshore precision machined products manufacturers in growing industrial nations such as China? Would you like to cut through all of the half truths and second or thirdhand stories and gain the competitive advantage of having the latest information on new global competition?

If so, plan to attend the Precision Machined Products Association 69th Annual National Meeting, October 19 – 23, 2002, at The Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, California. This beautiful resort will host PMPA's member owners and top managers from all across North America for a 4 ½-day conference that will focus on the latest issues impacting our businesses.

Timely business sessions feature world-class speakers and hard hitting business topics such as:

  • Can America Compete Globally? This will be presented by Todd Buchholz, author; frequent commentator for ABC News, CNN and PBS's Nightly Business Report; former director of economic policy at the White House; and award winning economics instructor at Harvard University.
  • Understanding the Chinese Market and Manufacturing Sector. Dr. Eamon McKinney, CEO of the China Business Network, will share competitive intelligence on the China market, specifically precision machining and issues related to business practices in China. He will also discuss why companies of all shapes and sizes must develop a "China Competency." A panel of members will follow Dr. McKinney's presentation.
  • Where Are We Headed? Deloss Smith, senior analyst with The Conference Board and a leading expert in the fields of fiscal policy, economic trends, the Federal budget process, taxation and U.S. economic indicators, will share his vision of the national, North Ameri- can and world economy.
  • The Adventure of Ultimate Success: Timeless Certainties for Uncertain Times. Dr. Jeff Salz, president of Way Adventure, consultant and trainer to such household names as 3M, IBM, AT&T, Disney and the U.S. Postal System to name a few, will use a multimedia presentation and take us on a journey giving us new energy to face our biggest obstacles and succeed in these uncertain times.

In addition to the above presentations, everyone who attends will have access to "real world experts"—business owners and top managers. There will be numerous opportunities to share ideas and gain valuable insights into today's precision machined products manufacturing environment with the peer network that will be assembled during this conference.

Isn't it time you stepped back from the daily treadmill of operating your business and got away to the 69th Annual National Meeting? Enjoy not only the business sessions, but also opportunities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and networking opportunities during sightseeing tours, sporting events and social programs that are another important part of this relaxing conference.