High Pressure Coolant is Efficient for Some Applications


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Although you may know why coolant is important during a machining operation, you might not know why the amount of pressure behind the coolant is critical. From my research, I learned that by directing the coolant stream more precisely and with the right amount of pressure, dramatically more heat can be removed from the cut zone. This degree of cooling also enables the cutting tool to remove larger amounts of metal. The high pressure coolant stream helps break up chips and remove them from the cutting area more efficiently, which means the cutting tool spends less time re-cutting metal chips.

These benefits are even more critical when speaking of a multitasking machine’s efficiency. Because these machining centers perform a variety of operations, they often need multiple high-pressure coolant delivery ports to suit their various applications.

I was surprised to discover that although high pressure coolant operations can benefit a number of machining applications, there are some applications that might not be suited for this process. To read a list of questions to ask yourself to ensure an application is appropriate for a high pressure coolant system, read “Efficient Operation with High Pressure Coolant.” The article also goes into detail about how high pressure coolant systems work and why they can be so efficient.