Highest and Best Use for Operating Expenses

To keep your business going, you need more than workforce, equipment and materials. PMPA Affinity Partners can enhance your workforce safety, protect your investment in plant and equipment, provide lower costs for energy and shipping, and expedite your quoting process.


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It’s that feeling you get when you put on an old coat and find a $20 bill. I don’t care how much money you have, finding that money generates a little high and, at the very least, a smile. That’s how PMPA members feel when they realize the benefits they receive when they work with PMPA Affinity Partners. Here is what some PMPA members had to say about how they and their customers benefit from PMPA Affinity Partner offerings:

Money saved, strong service, optionality and consolidated invoicing — all convincing benefits.

Trust, reliability, support — who doesn’t want that in a supplier?

Protecting performers and investment — it’s good to have a company who understands the manufacturing business. 

Improving ability to collaborate, quote and comply — all positives. 

Service and savings — energy is too important to ignore this opportunity.