IMTS spark: Women Talk Shop, but not Only for Women

Discussion with three precision machine shop women presidents highlights their career paths, why they are passionate about manufacturing, how they promote workforce development and more.


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Cassandra Haupers

Cassandra Haupers, president, Swiss Precision Machining Inc.

Last week, I had the honor of hosting a panel made up of a few women leaders in the precision machining industry, and it was a pleasure! The “interview” easily transitioned into a discussion about their important roles at their machine shops, their career paths and what ultimately led them to manufacturing, how it became their passion, the challenges they have faced and more.

Aneesa Muthana, CEO, president and co-owner at Pioneer Service Inc., a 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader; Cassandra Haupers, president

Aneesa Muthana

Aneesa Muthana, CEO, president and co-owner, Pioneer Service Inc.

at Swiss Precision Machining Inc.; and Debbie Sommers, president at Lakeview Precision Machining Inc., joined me on the Dec. 17 session of Women Talk Shop: The ‘Scoop’ from Women in Precision Machining,” a session in the Women Make Manufacturing Move series on IMTS spark. No worries if you missed it. You can watch it on-demand until March 15 at imts.com.

Although the session features a women-only panel, the conversation is not only for women. These women give good advice on how to be successful for

Debbie Sommers

Debbie Sommers, president, Swiss Precision Machining Inc.

women and men in the manufacturing field. They also talked about the trials and triumphs of being a strong leader, why community outreach is so important in this industry, and how they are doing their fair share for workforce development.

The COVID-19 pandemic was not an avoidable topic, as these leaders touched on the positives and negatives of working through the challenging period. They realized they are experiencing many of the same struggles as well as graces.

“It’s amazing how similar our stories are, yet still totally unique,” Haupers said, after the live session ended.

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