It Costs Too Much ... Not to Join PMPA

“It costs too much ...”“I don’t have time to use it ...”Are these the thoughts that immediately pop into your head when you consider joining PMPA?


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“It costs too much ...”
“I don’t have time to use it ...”
Are these the thoughts that immediately pop into your head when you consider joining PMPA? If your company makes precision machined products, here are just two reasons that you are leaving money on the table by not belonging to PMPA.

PMPA Partner Programs Pay Your Dues

PMPA Members using just two of PMPA’s partner programs, PartnerShip and Grainger, save more than $4,000 on average per year. $4,000 is more than enough to cover most if not all of a typical PMPA member’s dues investment. PartnerShip provides exclusive member-only freight discounts. Members using this program report an average savings of more than $3,050 per year. PMPA’s Grainger program provides an average savings of more than $1,000 per year as a small percent of your supplies spending. You can see immediate return-on-investment and cover the cost of joining PMPA by simply enrolling in these programs. Right up front you gain the assurance that you are getting immediate benefits for joining and the best price possible when sending shipments and buying your shop supplies.

Pay Yourself: Pmpa Can Help You Reduce Setup Time and Machine Downtime
How much non-operating time does your company pay for? This week? This month? How much would you save if you could cut total hours of setup time by half? How about cutting unexpected downtime by getting immediate answers to your questions? What would it be worth for your staff to have access to experts to improve and trouble-shoot your processes? Here are some PMPA resources you can use to take the money off the table and put it back in your pocket.

  • Reduce Setup Time with PMPA Lean Setup Studies
  • Training at PMPA chapter meetings and the PMPA National Technical Conference
  • PMPA member listserves give you access to more than 1,000 of your peers’ and suppliers’ expertise 
  • Emergency loan of a tool or gage from a fellow member instead of waiting 2 to 4 weeks for your vendor 
  • PMPA staff come from the industry and work for you

Joining PMPA is a no-risk opportunity to get quicker, better and faster. Empower your staff with tools that will instill them with confidence, continuous improvement and increased productivity. Partner programs and reducing machine downtime are just two examples of how members of the Precision Machined Products Association receive ROI from their membership dues.

PMPA Membership drives our member’s competitiveness and sustainability and is easily paid for by just a couple partner programs. The time savings and assurance you receive from PMPA by having a support network to help you quickly navigate the day-to-day operations in your company is why you can’t afford not to belong to PMPA.

If you would like to join PMPA or learn more about the benefits of joining, contact Jeff Remaley, PMPA director of membership, 440-526-0300, jremaley@pmpa.org.