John Halladay of Vectron Finds the Right Paths

Mr. Halladay employs strategic processes in running races as well as in running Vectron’s sales and quality through participation in PMPA.


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John Halladay, sales manager at Vectron Inc. in Elyria, Ohio, will compete in the National Senior Olympics at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, this July. Mr. Halladay began running as part of a lifestyle change in 2007 to improve his health.

“I needed to make changes to improve my cholesterol and weight, so I changed my diet and added aerobic exercise on a regular basis, which is how I started with running,” Mr. Halladay shares. “Along with my health and having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, I figured it was the right path for me to be on. As a result, my health has never been better and, along with participation in a research medication study, I have been able to minimize and overcome the effects of MS.”

After competing in a 1-mile race in 2011, and finishing the mile in just under six minutes, Mr. Halladay started looking for other opportunities to race. He began participating in small races for training purposes for larger, national races. 

“With this little spark that I had, I entered into the Master’s track competition, which is for ages 30 and older,” Mr. Halladay says. “I had a keen interest in the 400 meter, because that’s what my oldest son ran in college.”

For the Ohio Senior Olympics, Mr. Halladay, 52, explains that competitors must have a time of less than 65 seconds in the 400 meter to qualify for the National Senior Olympics. “I qualified with a time of 64 seconds, so I’ll be competing in the 400 and potentially joining a relay team.”

Mr. Halladay employs strategic processes in running races as well as in running Vectron’s sales and quality through participation in PMPA. Vectron was founded in 1972 and specializes in thermal deburring, Vectron Precision Deburring and other surface treatment and cleaning services for customers nationwide. Vectron became a PMPA technical member in 1999 and has maintained its membership for the past 14 years.

“Vectron’s membership actually began with an invitation to speak at a PMPA technical conference,” Mr. Halladay says. “We saw many benefits in membership at the conference and decided to join.”

One of the main benefits that Vectron identified in PMPA membership is the open exchange of information.

“Information exchange is overall the main aspect that we take advantage of, but we also appreciate the networking opportunities at all levels that PMPA membership provides to us,” Mr. Halladay adds. 

“We don’t attend PMPA events to go and sell, but PMPA is an excellent fit as a technical member because it opens up avenues for us that we wouldn’t otherwise have,” Mr. Halladay continues. “Vectron likes to participate in that open exchange of information and it’s amazing how many times we hear someone say they didn’t know we are a tech member.”

PMPA administrative staff members identified Mr. Halladay, and Vectron, as a go-to source for deburring and surface finishing questions and problems, reporting that many PMPA members have benefitted from Vectron’s authority in the field and assistance with problem solving. 

“PMPA members know us from seeing us at the conferences and meetings. That’s where we get to build relationships,” Mr. Halladay says. “If they need our services, they already know us.”