9/10/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Live Presentations on IoT, Machining Cell, Modular Machining System

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Fuji Machine America Corp. is featuring a live presentation stage at its booth showing IoT practices, a robot machine cell and a DLFn modular machining system.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Fuji Machine America Corporation

South, Level 3, Booth 339059

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Fuji Machine America Corp., a provider of robot-integrated machine tools for North American customers, is featuring a live presentation stage at its booth. Presentations are done four times an hour to showcase the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) practices, a robot machine cell and the DLFn modular machining system.

“This stage has presenters talking about what’s going on in the Fuji technology world,” says Tom Graham, vice president andaccount director with Goda Advertising, an agency working on Fuji’s behalf.

“Fuji is demonstrating IoT software on its machines with a laser that is on-hand to show part traceability,” Graham says. “A part for a customer, such as a major Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, or even the big three in Detroit, can be marked with the laser to show which machine it was made on, when it was made, what tools were being used, who the operator was and which operations were done on which machine.” A reader is there that can scan markings on parts from a hubs manufacturer. 

There is also a manufacturing cell at the booth featuring an ANW-3500 twin-spindle lathe and an HM-3400 milling/drilling machine. “There’s a robot within the cell that hands the part off from the turning machine to the drilling and milling machine,” Graham says. “And they’re all Fuji, including the workholding, the robots—all designed by Fuji from the ground up.”   

In addition, the booth features DLFn modular production equipment for the change-over or addition of machining modules for efficiency. “This approach to flexible machining allows for the convenient change-over or addition of modules for extreme efficiency, and nobody else has anything like that in the machine marketplace,” says Graham.

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