Training the Next Generation: Machining a Great Career Choice– Matt Schowalter of Machiningcareer.com

Mr. Schowalter offers great advice to those interested in having a career in manufacturing.


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Matthew Schowalter is a machining professional doing what he can to promote careers in manufacturing. He offers great advice to those interested in having a career in manufacturing
and has identifi ed six steps to having a successful career in machining. These are his building blocks to having a successful career and can be obtained by applying one’s efforts. Here’s his list:

1. Get a technical education. A solid educational foundation is a critical building block. You can make a lot more money in your career if you follow through with an education through a technical college.

2. Serve a state-sponsored apprenticeship. This is an excellent way to learn the skills of the trade and climb the pay scale. It ensures that you are viewed as a professional in your career. By fi nishing an apprenticeship and becoming a journeyman, you will be put in a position to make a good wage for the rest of your career.

3. Never stop learning. Enroll in at least two specialized classes per year. It is an excellent way to build
a great resume, and it shows future employers that you are a dedicated career professional.

4. Become profi cient in working with others. This is the most important factor of the six steps. You will have more opportunities presented to you if you have the ability to work with everyone effectively.

5. Gain the ability to turn manufacturing issues into career opportunities. These are the challenges that build a great resume. Ask your boss how you can help fi x the major issues encountered in the shop.

6. Become a certifi ed professional in manufacturing. Consider this the bow on your career package.It will set you apart from the others in the industry. A certifi cation from the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers ensures that you have the knowledge to make a difference in the manufacturing
industry. It also challenges you to be your best, by obtaining credits for recertification.

Matthew started a website, machiningcareer.com, as a way to give back to the industry and get students interested in manufacturing. His website was designed to be a top resource for students who are getting started in the machining industry.

Take a look at what this machiningadvocate is doing to promote our trade to the next generation
of talent.