1/1/2003 | 2 MINUTE READ

Management Update Conference

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Management Update Conference Will Focus on Global Competitiveness Issues


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Management Update Conference Will Focus on Global Competitiveness Issues

The Precision Machined Products Association will focus on global competitiveness trends at its 2003 Management Update Conference in February at the Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas in Dallas, Texas.

This pre-eminent management and training conference for precision machined products industry executives is designed to answer the question of whether the North American industry is positioned to survive global competition and to introduce attendees to the tools that will help companies succeed.

“Surviving global competition is not guaranteed,” says PMPA interim executive director Michael Duffin. “The industry cannot expect a government bail-out. The hard truth is that companies that have met the standard through decades and through generations are now closing their doors because of forces beyond their control. We expect this Management Update Conference will at least give our industry the tools to begin to turn the tide.”

Pete Rosenkrands, PMPA president, adds, “Our industry is challenged daily by a continuing weak economy, increasing customer demands, increasing import penetration and heavy competition for the skilled labor we need for production of the high-quality precision parts that are the signature of our business. This conference will provide us with a road map to combat the problems we face and become successful in the face of stiff competition.”

Examining Competitive Trends And Issues

Kicking off the conference on Sunday, February 23, will be Dr. Kenneth Preiss, senior associate, and Edmund Goll, lead industry partner, of the Enterprise Systems Center at Lehigh University. Dr. Preiss and Mr. Goll will lead “Taking Action: A Global Competitive Trend Analysis,” an 8-hour interactive examination of the competitive trends and issues facing the North American precision machined products industry.

The three-part competitive trend analysis will begin with “Competitive Drivers,” which will describe the factors causing the world to change so dramatically and so rapidly; that will be followed by “Alternative Paths,” a forum that recognizes the competitive position of the North American industry and encourages the creation of an “alternative reality” focusing on capabilities, sophisticated systems and better management of time.

The final discussion will be “Change Management,” a look at the tools and management strategies available to help combat global competition.

In addition, two sessions of PMPA’s round-table discussions also will be integrated into this presentation beginning Sunday afternoon and concluding Monday morning. PMPA is seeking moderators for tables at both sessions.

Two other Monday sessions will focus on transforming companies into marketing-driven organizations and compiling “business” intelligence that can be used effectively by precision-machined parts manufacturers.

In “Marketing or Operating a Company: The Choice is Yours,” Jack Harms, chief executive officer of Milwaukee-based The Marketing Department, will provide ideas, tools and techniques for executives to transform their companies into marketing-driven organizations.

How to Gather Competitive Data

Meanwhile, Herbert E. Meyer, founder and president of Real-World Intelligence and former Special Assistant to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council during the Reagan administration, will detail how companies can access raw data to monitor competitors, customers, suppliers, markets and trends to gain a competitive advantage.

Finally, on Tuesday, Steve LeFever of Business Resource Services will present “Taking Action: Managing Your Business in a Changing Environment.” Mr. LeFever will introduce “The Seven Steps to Fiscal Fitness,” a primer on measuring the financial health of a business, focusing on the drivers of profitability through income statement analysis and cash flow through balance sheet management.

Because of the extraordinary challenges facing North American manufacturers, PMPA has decided to open this conference to all precision machined products manufacturers in North America.