Metal Seal Precision Invests in Growth


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Metal Seal Precision Ltd. is a full-service manufacturer of precision metal components and subassemblies, located in Mentor, Ohio. The company was formed in 2011 through a merger between Arrow Manufacturing Inc. and Metal Seal & Products Inc.

“We brought Arrow Manufacturing and Metal Seal & Products together in 2011 and have seen about 20 percent growth per year since,” says John Habe IV, president of Metal Seal Precision. “Our main facility is 160,000 square feet, and we have about 250 employees. We plan to continue growing in many ways, including acquiring other shops.”

According to Mr. Habe, Metal Seal is unique because the management team understands the value of the company, the importance of margins and makes specific plans to achieve goals.

“One of the problems in our industry is that although shop owners are good at running businesses, they aren’t as good at deciding whether, or when, to sell or transition into new areas,” Mr. Habe says. “Our management team establishes a need for growing the value of the company 20 percent each year, then we invest in that growth.”

Mr. Habe views owning a precision machining company as an investment, likening it to investing in stock.

“Investing in a risky stock that doesn’t yield returns is a bad investment,” Mr. Habe explains. “The biggest problem becomes holding onto a losing investment. Know that value of your company, set goals and craft a plan to achieve them so that you have growth in the long run.”

Metal Seal serves a variety of industries, however, automotive composes 60 percent and firearms make up 20 percent of the company’s business. Mr. Habe explains that Metal Seal’s business in the firearms industry began because of growth planning. When automotive accounted for 80 percent of the company’s business, they began researching additional industries that would fit with the company’s capabilities and identified the firearms market to be a good fit.

From the Metal Seal & Products side of the merger, the company has been a PMPA member since 1956. Metal Seal regularly attends PMPA’s national events, including the Annual Meeting, National Technical Conference and Management Update Conference.
“We learn a lot of valuable things that help our business through participating in PMPA,” Mr. Habe says. “Membership provides an excellent source of information.”

Along with national events, the company takes advantage of networking and shared knowledge, as well as listserves for selling and purchasing equipment.

“The top benefit of being a member is the knowledge of the other shop owners and their willingness to share it and help each other out. It’s a really open association,” Mr. Habe says. “The other owners give great feedback when we have a problem that needs to be solved, and if we contact the PMPA staff, they point us to the right resources or members to help us out. PMPA membership is a great investment for Metal Seal.”

Metal Seal Precision Ltd. is located at 7333 Corporate Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060. Phone: 440-255-8888. 
Website: metalseal.com