Online HR Management Service

The PMPA Human Resources Committee is offering its long-awaited Human Resource Information&Management System to PMPA members beginning summer 2001 via a password protected, secure Web site.


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The PMPA Human Resources Committee will be offering its long-awaited Human Resource Information & Management System to PMPA members this summer via a password protected, ultra secure Web site.

Initially developed as a tool for presenting job descriptions and information on essential job functions to members over the Internet—in effect, an online version of the PMPA Job Description Workbook—the application has grown into a fully functioning human resource management system. It will allow members to create an organizational chart of their company operations and catalogue the titles of jobs used in the plant and the people who have them. There will be no charge for this new member service.

Phase I of the new Human Resources Information & Management System will have two components:

  • The PMPA Human Resource Information System (HRIS) will be maintained on a secure server connected to the Internet and available to all PMPA members using a unique user name and password. The HRIS is, essentially, a database version of the Association's Job Description Workbook and will include complete job listings (job titles, job descriptions, job requirements, physical demands, environmental conditions and so on) for all jobs commonly found in the precision machined products industry. Member companies will be able to search, view and print all information contained in the HRIS.
  • A secure, customizable Company Human Resource Management System (CoHRMS) will be available only to authorized individuals from the member company on the same secure Internet server housing the HRIS. The CoHRMS will allow member companies to configure a model of the operational structure of the company (management team, departments, sub-departments and so on); select and edit complete job listings, based on generic listings contained in the HRIS, for all jobs present in the specific company; assign specific individuals to those specific jobs, thus developing a complete personnel roster; and print and export various lists, descriptions, definitions, rosters and so on while maintaining the company's data in a secure environment with little or no administrative/technical costs or challenges to the member company.

While the Human Resources Committee works to complete data acquisition and data entry for the new system in anticipation of a late August or early September roll-out, PMPA members need to prepare themselves to take advantage of this exciting new management tool that will be unveiled later this summer.

Among the first steps that member companies will be asked to take is to consider who will be allowed access to the system and at which of three levels of security. The company's certified representative will become the default Company Administrator for each member and will receive a master password to access the system and register other users as either Company Administrator (complete read—write—edit capabilities); Company Editor (read—limited write and edit capabilities); or Company User (read-only capabilities). Each user at whichever level will be able to select a user name and password to access the system in the future.