PMPA Adds New Safety 'Tools You Can Use'--ASH Inc.


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PMPA is proud to announce the addition of American Safety and Health Management Consultants Inc. (ASH) as a membership benefit to PMPA members. PMPA and ASH have entered into an agreement so that PMPA members can get answers to their safety-related questions. Members are encouraged to contact ASH’s vice president, James Pryor II, if they have any questions regarding occupational safety.

Mr. Pryor will be the chief provider for this new service. Prior to joining ASH, he held various positions in his 38-year career with Goodyear Tire and Rubber, including manager of safety and environmental health at Goodyear’s corporate headquarters.

Having served for several years managing Goodyear’s precision machined parts program, Mr. Pryor has a unique background to help PMPA members manage their safety issues. His past experience includes extensive work and contact with various machine and metalworking shops.

Mr. Pryor’s special expertise includes general industry safety regulations and requirements; development and execution of safety programs; and safety training content, requirements and methods. He has an extensive network of professional contacts in the field that he can draw on as needed.
The purpose of this new PMPA Safety “Tools You Can Use” is to assure that our member shops know the regulations that are applicable to their facilities; to prioritize the training and steps needed to assure their continued compliance; and to provide answers to questions regarding safety and compliance issues.

In addition to providing such answers, Mr. Pryor has developed a white paper on “Machine Guarding and Compliance.” It is based on ANSI B13 standards (the standards on which OSHA relies). He also has developed a list of industry-applicable training requirements for PMPA members to consider. Following these requirements will assure that each shop is compliant with the current understanding of OSHA regulations covering our industry.

For further information on PMPA’s new safety consulting service, OSHA requirements or answers to your shop’s safety questions, please contact Miles Free at mfree@pmpa.org. PMPA members should address their specific occupational safety-related questions or their concerns to Jim Pryor using the PMPA Listserve.