PMPA ListServes are Power: A Peek Behind the Scenes at PMPA

Carli explores the power behind PMPA ListServes that provide answers,  recommendations and solutions through a peer-to-peer email network. 


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What does ListServe mean to PMPA members? Power! Power to problem-solve. Power to help others. Power to boost the industry. Power to make decisions based on best practices. And the power is at a PMPA member’s fingertips. The PMPA ListServe is a strength-in-numbers, peer-to-peer network where members and PMPA staff help other members who have a problem, a question or need a recommendation. It’s networking at its finest. And it’s simple: an answer is an email away. 

It’s been eight months since I started working at PMPA, and I’m still in awe of the questions and answers that go back-and-forth daily on the PMPA ListServes. Members helping members. The ListServes provide resources that make the internet pale by comparison. Why? Because these answers are coming from experts in our industry; other members who have lived the problem, seen something in action and know if that process/machine/material is better than the other. Responses are credible, useful and valuable—they are built from experience.  Here are a few of the questions asked and answered on the PMPA ListServes:

Technical ListServe

  • Does anyone know any sources that can automate the polishing of small-diameter parts?

  • We are looking for good quality anodizers and electroless nickel platers who know what they are doing with thickness and coating buildup. Any recommendations?

  • What would be the recommended alloy of steel for a shaft for a New Britain screw machine?  

  • Does anyone have insight for how one might easily and safely unload large, heavy bars from wooden crates?

  • Looking for suggestions or recommendations on the tooling and the machining process (for a particular part)?

  • Looking for advice and feedback on parts selector systems to hook up to the end of the machine tool part conveyor to segregate parts by quantity or run time.

Human Resources ListServe

  • How do you handle benefits for employees considering partial retirement?

  • A job applicant asked for a copy of their pre-employment math test, do I need to provide the results?

  • Do you require a pre-employment physical?

  • Has anyone ever received a request from a terminated employee for a report of their payroll records? 

  • How do you handle safety glasses for personnel who wear prescription glasses?

  • What is the latest on the EEO-1 Reporting requirement? I have over 100 employees.

Quality ListServe

  • What type of equipment would be used to confirm we have a finish that meets 5 Ra?

  • Does anyone use a CMM for measuring (in a particular arrangement) and if so, do you have any tips or recommendations for success?

  • Has anyone been required to use a third party to inspect parts prior to shipment to a customer?

  • Is anyone on the forum certified to ISO-17025 by either ANAB or A2LA, and if so, how difficult was it to get certified?

  • We want to get our first CMM machine. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?

  • Does anyone have a reference or guide that shows the differences between ISO 9001 to AS9100, and what changes to our quality system would need to be made to move from ISO 9001 to AS9100?   

Corporate ListServe

  • Legalization of recreational marijuana- impact on shop policies.

  • Providing pay data to EEOC

  • How does a small shop test the waters of machine monitoring on a one to three machine basis?

Information Technology ListServe

  • Is anyone using the cloud to backup company data? If so, what measures do you have in place to secure your data? Any ITAR hurdles? Recommendations on hosts?

  • Has anyone found a VoIP system to offer “life-changing” differences over a traditional system?

  • How does a small shop test the waters of machine monitoring on a one to three machine basis?

See what I mean? So many questions, and they were all answered! Many were back-and-forth discussions, which resulted in a number of “best answers.” That’s how an industry stays strong. We call it “effective associating.” And that’s just one of the reasons I am proud to be a part of the industry and a member of the PMPA family. And 439 companies are, too. 


About the Author

Carli Kistler-Miller

Carli Kistler-Miller, MBA, is new to the industry. She has over 20 years of experience with event/meeting planning, marketing, writing and operations. email: cmiller@pmpa.org