PMPA Member American Micro Inc. Finds Success in Diverse Product Offerings and Strong Customer Relationships


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In 1953, Swiss immigrant Gerard Paroz left his home country for New York City to find work in the United States in the machine tool industry. He eventually found work in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Gruen Watch Co., where he has mastered his skills in mechanical engineering and Swiss turning technology. Wanting to supply local businesses with high-precision machined parts, Mr. Paroz started American Micro Products in 1957. The company quickly grew from a one-man job shop to one of the leading suppliers of high-precision and micro-precision machining and assembly solutions for the diesel fuel systems, aerospace and medical device industries. Mr. Paroz passed away in January 2018, but American Micro remains a family-owned business and celebrated its 60th anniversary last year.

The company is headquartered in a 140,000-square-foot facility in Batavia, Ohio, located about 25 miles outside of Cincinnati. As an employer, the company was recognized by the local media as one of the fastest growing companies in the state. To keep up with its growth, the company offers an apprenticeship program to develop the machining skills of its employees.

In 1998, American Micro Products expanded its business by acquiring American Connector Engineering Inc., a neighboring manufacturer of circular, glass-to-metal, hermetically sealed electrical connectors. American Micro’s series of acquisitions through the years allow the company to manufacture mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies with complex requirements to suit standard or custom designs for its customers. In addition to its operations in America and China, the company has business relationships in Asia and Europe to fulfill the demand from global OEM customers for precision products.

“One of our biggest advantages as a company is that we are very vertically integrated,” says Federico Veneziano, COO and CFO at American Micro Inc. “We build many of our components in-house and do not often rely on outside suppliers. Unlike many companies who have to farm out certain services, we have the capabilities to handle a lot of our operations internally, such as automation, plating, maintenance and finishing.”

While American Micro manufactures countless products for a number of industries, Mr. Veneziano says the company’s flagship products are its variety of circular, glass-to-metal and hermetically sealed connectors. The company also supplies custom design terminal seals, transducers, scoop-proof connectors and harsh environment connectors.

In addition to having a robust line of products, Mr. Veneziano says American Micro’s customer service is a huge key to its success. When it comes to its customers, the company tries to instill four core values in all its employees: relationship, accountability, responsiveness and excellence.

“We believe it’s important to focus primarily on our relationship with the customers, rather than the transaction and bottom line,” Mr. Veneziano says. “As companies put more emphasis on the technical side of the customer experience, they often forget about the need for a personal touch when trying to connect with a customer.”

As a PMPA member, American Micro benefits from the organization’s openness between members and their willingness to share their expertise.

“If you have, for example, a tooling problem or difficulty finding a certain material, PMPA offers a great platform to ask other owners and get the help you need,”

Mr. Veneziano says. “The organization is very good for networking, and it brings members together as a team, rather than as competitors.”

American Micro Inc. is located at 4288 Armstrong Blvd., Batavia, Ohio 45103. Phone: 800-479-2193. Website: american-micro.com