PMPA Member PFI Precision Machining Finds Success in Equipment Investment and Employee Training



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For more than 50 years, PFI Precision Machining has evolved and changed to remain a steady supplier of high quality, cost-effective, close-tolerance component parts and mechanical assemblies to a number of different industries, including automotive, food processing equipment, offhighway machinery and aerospace. Located in New Carlisle, Ohio, just outside of Dayton, PFI also provides optimized machine process consulting and stocking services for customers looking to streamline their operations and save on capital with an array of stocking programs using lean manufacturing.

“We are very easy to do business with,” says Bob Lord, sales manager at PFI Precision Machining. “Our inventory management programs help our customers manage their inventory, so they can take advantage of economic lot sizes and not have to invest in inventory they would maybe have to if they were managing it on their own.”

As far as machining capabilities, PFI invests heavily in its equipment and offers screw machining, CNC machining, Swiss turning and multi-spindle turning processes. The company focuses on manufacturing a myriad of high precision parts, including sensor components, solenoid components, valve seats, inserts for molded parts, fittings, assemblies and brackets.

“Our diversity of equipment in terms of type and size allows us to be very innovative when approaching a manufacturing application for a specific requirement, be it quantity, quality or the kind of material,” Mr. Lord says. “All of our systems are focused on production lot sizes and repeat quantities over a number of years, so we can manage that process and help our customers in terms of inventory management, cost control and quality.”

In addition to investing in its equipment, PFI focuses heavily on the growth and education of its employees. The company has an in-house training program broken into multiple levels, with topics ranging from novice to expert that allow employees to grow and forecast their future with the company. PFI also offers a tuition reimbursement plan for employees who wish to take classes relevant to their skill set. Another benefit for younger machine operators at PFI is the opportunity to learn from several of the company’s staff members with anywhere between 20 to 40 years of experience.

“There is nothing like training under an experienced master machinist and learning all the detailed skills necessary to do this kind of work,” Mr. Lord says. “I think it’s incumbent upon any company to not only provide assistance and training for employees, but hold them accountable for their performance at any given standard.”

The company is currently owned by Colleen Janek, who took over in 2013 as president following the untimely passing of her husband, Tom Janek. As a woman working in the manufacturing industry, Mrs. Janek believes it is important for companies to reach out to all students, but especially female students at the high school, middle school and even grade school level to try and spark their interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing. PFI has several female machine operators on staff and works with several local organizations to promote more diversity and awareness in the field.

As a PMPA member, Mrs. Janek says one of the greatest benefits of her membership was being able to attend the “Women of PMPA” session in Nashville as part of the organization’s Management Update Conference. During the event, Mrs. Janek was able to network, connect and learn from other women industry leaders.

“I was thrilled with how welcoming everyone was and how much they wanted everyone to succeed,” says Mrs. Janek. “Also, having the online forums to ask questions and knowing people will respond is great. I have absorbed information from them. Having the opportunity to ask questions and receive responses is very reassuring.” PFI Precision Machining is located at 2011 North Dayton- Lakeview Road, New Carlisle, Ohio 45344. Phone: 800-248- 4734. Website: pfiprecision.com